Grandparents With Grandkids – What You Need To Know

Grandparents With Grandkids

You have no clue what happened. One second you were enjoying your retirement after a lifetime of kids and work and then you find the need to pinch yourself because you can’t believe what’s going on around you. Kids are crying, kids are hungry, kids need rides, need clothes and so much more.

Where did these kids come from. Guess what, the new today is grandparents with grand kids. Is this real or are we dreaming?

All you wanted to do was travel a little, relax and maybe read a book or two. However now you find yourself changing diapers, doing laundry, making big meals, visiting with teachers and even looking for a job again.

What happened?

Reality happened. The things that are happening in our world is turning it into a scary place. Everything seems to be going backwards. This was something you only seen on the news or talk shows. But now you aren’t only seeing it, you are living it. In Canada and United States over 6 million kids are living with their grandparents. This is a staggering number that keeps going up and up.
One of the big reasons is divorce. One of the biggest reasons why kids end up not living at home. We all know that almost always the mother gets custody. This can be overwhelming for her. She is trying to get past the divorce and trying to do everything needed to live. however this time it is with only one and often times that just proves to be what pushes her over the edge and she ends up sending her kids to the grandparents place.
It is unfortunate that I have to bring this one , but it is reality. Drugs and alcohol don’t just take over a person’s life but in many cases they take over their soul. The only thing that usually matter is the toxic substances being pumped into their bodies. The fact that they have children is almost forgotten or completely put on the back burner. It sucks but it’s true.

We could likely go on for hours talking about why grandparents with grand kids is becoming the norm. Could be money, lack of caring and heaven forbid even abuse. However either way almost always it is better if the kids end up with Grandpa and Grandma as opposed to the system.

A Grandparent Needs To Know

Things can get very ugly in the family because not only are you dealing with your grandchildren but also you are dealing with your kids. It is so important to know what and what you can’t do legally.

After all you need to make sure this is first about the kids. Since you know you want to keep them safe you also want to know what rights you have in doing that.

Decisions need to be made on how long you will have the kids. I know from living it that you hope this will be just a brief moment in life. However in reality you need to prepare yourself that this will be your new life for a long time to come. All I am saying is be ready for what’s about to happen.
At the end of the day it’s about being proactive as opposed to reactive. If you get all your ducks in a row and prepare for the worst case scenario then everything will be gravy if it works out for the best.

Do Your Research

The crappy part is there isn’t a lot of information out there. Its almost like the world is ashamed that this is going on so they try to sweep it under the rug. But we need to stop sweeping and understand what an epidemic this is. Grandkids are going to live with their grandparents on a daily basis. I will try to give yo a few suggestions for places to go for help or advice.

  • The biggest place to go for support is to other family members. Family should be there for you just like you were there for your grand kids. Have a look around your city and see what organizations might offer something of interest on this topic. Go online and look for social media and forums that you can join. If you need help please don’t be scared to ask.
  • You need to take very good care of yourself mentally and physically. Yo are no good to the kids if you aren’t there for them. While taking care of your needs you also need to be focusing on theirs.
  • Another form of help is finding legal help that specializes in cases like this. You need to know what you are in store for. this is overwhelming enough so it would be nice if you could go to sleep at night understanding your rights.

We all know this isn’t what we asked for. We had plans of riding off into the retirement sunshine and those plans hit a brick wall. So now it’s time you make sure you get all the information possible.
At the end of the day we always have to remember it is and always will be about the kids. They need to be our first priority and it has to be our priority to keep them safe in all ways possible.

My name is Grandpa Dale and I am writing this to let others know they are not alone. Please feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments below.

Grandpa Dale


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