Baby Boomers Are Now Grandparents Raising Grandkids

Baby Boomers

Life is a busy busy thing.  Way busier than say 20 or 30 years ago.  Even though today’s baby boomers are for the most part are grandparents they are very busy people.  These people have made money, saved money and are now ready to spend money.  The baby boomers of today have more money than any other generation before them and they are willing to spend it.  They no longer have kids at home and are just going to start enjoying their time as a couple now that the prior part of their lives has ended.  Boom!!!  Then one day they wake up and they realize they are starting over.  Everything they have done for the last 18 years is about to become déjà vu.  Now they are grandparents raising grand kids.  So the real truth is buying homes, toys and traveling now needs to come to an end.

Grand families

The reasons grandparents are raising their grand kids are very numerous.  When I say raising I don’t just mean a ride to school.  I seriously mean a full time roll.  Changing diapers, doing laundry, teaching the kids to ride bikes and everything else.  The role of grandparents with their grand kids has become so normal that there is now a new name called grand families.  Through the years grandparents have always been involved with their grandparents in building a solid family structure.  However the grandparents were just family support, mentors and the ones who brought the ice cream.  However times have changed and now grandparents are realizing that ice cream may not be the best idea because at the end of the day they now need to deal with the circumstances of a sugar filled child.

Reasons For Grand families

Year by year grand families have become more and more the norm for so many reasons.  Divorce rates in the United States in Canada have gone through the roof.  Because of this we get more and more single parent families.  With this comes stress and burden of raising a family on your own.  This is one case where grandparents step in to help.  They often have the single parent with their kids move in so they can help to raise and support the family.  There are also many cases where the stress and burden just becomes too much and the single parent just gives their children to their parents and then they walk away.  Some walk for a short term while others walk away forever.

We come to other reasons in the case of grandparents who end up raising their grandchildren.  It isn’t always finances or divorce that causes this action to happen.  Grand families are becoming the norm when there is crime involved and also substance abuse can be one of the biggest factors.  Every day on the news we see issues with adults going to jail or drug busts and so forth.  What we don’t see is the collateral damage that this stuff results in.  In almost all cases it is grandparents stepping in to try and take over and give the children the best life possible.  The problem with grandparents getting thrown into this is for a lack of better words is that they are out of practice.  They need support not only mentally but financially as well.

When grandparents end up taking over being parents it can be very overwhelming with all sorts of emotions.  Of course they are happy to have their grand kids with them.  It will be very important for them to have the control and make sure the kids are being cared for properly.  On the same page though it is no secret that parenting can be very challenging and difficult so this is even multiplied many times when it is the grandparents caring for the children.  Not to mention that all this often happens when grandparents are retired or getting ready for retirement.  They are thinking about slowing down when everything is suddenly turned around.  Because of all of this grandparents can often have thoughts that they don’t like.  Some of these thoughts could be sadness, anger, resentment and grief because someone has come in and wrecked the plans for the future.

Financial Hardships

At the point where grandparents have started raising their grandchildren they are often retired and not working or close to being done work.  It is very important that the grandparents have access to support of some kind to make sure they can care about their grand kids without having too much stress over finances.  This can be achieved in many ways.  Most places have some form of government support, they can go back to work in some cases or even learn to work online.  It is so important to make sure the grandparents still have some sort of life.  If not depression could set in.  It can be tough to keep up with these kids but at the end of the day there is no doubt that we as grandparents are doing the right thing.

Dale Mazurek


  1. Hi, Bladen

    Really interesting knowing what is running on grandparents head about raising kids. I truly believe nowadays parents divorce in the majority because of financial problems, let me share a post about how can parents can handle
    We as parent should also understand that our grandparents (our fathers) are ready to enjoy their retirement.

    • Thank you for the comment.  This really is a dire issue and its only getting worse.

  2. My kids have several friends who are being raised by their grandparents and I know that there are many more. I am a single parent and my parents have provided a lot of support for me. We didn’t live together but my mom has helped a lot with the kids. One of the nice things is that my kids didn’t have to go to day care after school. I would have preferred being a stay-at-home mom, but that wasn’t an option for me. The next best thing was Gramma. I know it was hard on her at times but she will say that she has no regrets that she helped. I am thrilled that my kids have had a chance to know their grand parents in a way that a lot of their friends don’t know their grandparents.

  3. Hi, Dale. I think if it can be avoided that is, grandparents shouldn’t be tasked to raise their grandchildren. Instead, they should be enjoying their retirement age! It should be that time for their kids to give back instead. Just trying to keep up with small children I’d imagine would be a challenge. It’s sad to think such scenarios exist in reality. May many blessings come their way always for the sacrifices that they’re making.

    • You are right it should be avoided if at all possible.  The problem in most cases it cant be.  We have been raising our grandson since he was one.  Right from the social workers mouth we were told if we dont step up our little guy would be put up for adoption with us not being able to see him.  Well you can see why that wasnt an option.  Thank you for your comment.

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