Best Kids Summer Camps-5 Reasons to Go

Best Kids Summer Camps

As a grandparent raising your grandchild you know you deserve a break so you look for the best kids summer camps and you share with us some of the great reasons for going.

For the most part the camps start towards the end of June and finish up towards the end of August.  So yes they take up all of summer holidays.  Some may think you are only using the camp to get time away but because we are wiser and older we know better.  Kids as they are growing up need to experience new things.

Life is a journey that shouldn’t be wasted.  There are people to meet, things to do and places to see.  So at the end of the day you might be looking for the best kid’s summer camps and reasons for the kids to go.  Below you will find 5 very valid reasons.


Being away from home for the first time can be not only be scary but also kind of exciting as well.  This will be the first try at independence.  It won’t be long before they are meeting people.  Some they will like and some not so much.  Also they will be enjoying and learning new activities to help them in transitioning from sitting at home on their computer to being out in the social public.

It may be a bit early to be thinking about secondary education but any little bit helps when you know eventually you will have to prepare them to go on their own on their journey into adult hood.  We all know this could mean leaving the nest for a few months or for life.  The fact of the matter what we can do now to help will benefit them in the near and far future.


Of course as grandparents taking over the roles of parenting you are going to be teaching the kids all about responsibility.  However there are a variety of other ways responsibility can be learned by going to camp.

The kids are going to have their personal space that they are going to be responsible for organizing and keeping clean.  This will have to be done and dealt with on a daily basis.  It will be done and expected right up to the day the child will be departing for home.


Something that will be greatly focused on in camp is the learning of team work.  It may be something small with only two team members or something way bigger with many team members.

It could be a sporting event, social event, heck it could even be arts and crafts.

This is great readiness for adulthood because we all know that teamwork is an absolute must on a daily basis.  Whatever can be learned now as a child will do so much into steering them in the right direction for their actions in the future.


Kid’s camps can be great places to make friends.  Many times it’s about learning about friendship but also friends made in camp could turn out to be friends for life.

You will learn how to be a good friend.  This will not only work well for your stay at camp but also for your stay in life.  You are going to face situations on a daily basis where you are meeting new people that could very well be important to your life.

These meetings start early in life like play school and go on forever to even meeting new people at the bingo hall in your senior years.

So what a child learns early on in life is something they will carry forever so the better the experiences the better life will lead them on a long happy journey.


Life is going to be all about experiences.  Some will be good and some will be bad.  Summer camp will be the beginning of a lot of great experiences.  The scenarios are endless.  Summer walks, night tie hikes, sun rise canoe trips and stories around the campfire.

As they are there the experience will never stop.

At the end of the day you will be looking for the best kid’s summer camps.  These 5 things will play a big factor in helping you make your decision.

Many things will be new to you as grandparents raising your grandchildren.  We know it will be about making good parenting decisions.

Also we know that no matter what anything we do will always be in the kid’s best interest.  So don’t be afraid to look around, ask the questions to be able to decide on best kids summer camps.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

Dale Mazurek

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