​​Challenges Of Raising Grandchildren​-They All Take Time

ChallengesIf you are a grandparent raising a grandchild then all to well you know the challenges of raising grandchildren. I know so many people are going to say if you have risen one kid in your life then this will be a piece of cake.


The thing I’m going to put into your head immediately is that if you think raising a grand child has no trials or tribulations then you really haven’ t had to face these challenges.


I do write articles based on research and so forth but I also like to write most of my articles based on the experiences in my life and from all the knowledge i have learned from the members of my Facebook page.


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Day One All Over Again


So here you are all retired and enjoying what is supposed to be the rest of your life. Your kids are all grown up, moved out and living their own lives. You don’ have to go to work ànymore because you have put your time in.


All of a sudden you feel your head spinning and you feel like you are going to fall on the floor because in one quick motion you realize your life is about to seriously change. You thought you were going to move forward in your retirement but now things have changed in a heart beat.


You are about to start day one all over. For whatever reason because we all know it can be any number of reasons. However either way there are children in your home again and they are not leaving.


No One Said This Was Going To Be Easy


We all know that when we were raising our own children there was always trials and tribulations. Some days were good and some were bad. However at the end of the day those were the things we came to expect as parents.


Things, however are different this time around. First of all this was absolutely not supposed to happen. Life was just getting good and now you are raising your grand kids.


There was a time when parenting just came naturally and we all did what we did and every day the sun would rise. Well if you are raising your grandchild then most of us know things just don’t feel as easy as they used to feel.

There is no doubt that like it or not the second time around for the most part is harder. I know if you have never had to raise your grandchildren you may believe the second time around would be easier but trust me there is nothing easy about it.

Only One Day At A Time


So many things are going to happen that your head is going to feel like it is on a swivel and is going to fly off at any second.

You are going to feel over whelmed and many times won’t have a clue as to where you are going. This is when things in life can get real crazy. The crappy part is it is up to you not to let things go crazy. You are going to have to be the tough one and when you don’t feel so tough you are going to have to pretend.


The best and truly only way to deal with the stuff that needs to be dealt with is one day at a time. If you take the approach that Rome wasn’t built in a day then maybe, just maybe you will have a small chance of surviving.


And believe me in the world of grandparents raising grand kids surviving is pretty important.


It’s Not All Bad


I know I paint a scary picture and that’s because at times, many time things can be very scary and trying. However its not all bad. At the end of the day you are getting to spend a lot of time with your grandchild.


Yes you have to do disciplining, changing diapers, taking care of sick kids and so forth. However, you get to see first steps, hear first words and experience all the firsts that the parents don’t seem to care about.


You need to have focus but you get to spend every single day with your grand children and for some people that is an absolute dream come true.

My suggestion is to get over being bitter and enjoy what is put in front of you. I can guarantee your grand kids will never resent you for being great grandparents/parents.


Social Media Is Huge


It wasn’t so many years ago when the only people you actually had to talk to was some friends, family and your neighbors. In fact more than 10 feet away from you never even knew that you were raising your grand kids.


Well that has changed drastically with support groups, camps, meetings and the big one being social media like Facebook. In fact you can join my Facebook Group if you are raising grand kids.


The great thing about social media is you can join groups with hundreds and thousands of people who are in the same boat as you. There will always be people to listen, cry, scream and get advice from.

Also remember that in Facebook if you join a private group then only the people in that group can see you. So you don’t have to worry about people you don’t want seeing being able to see what you are doing, Like lawyers or birth parents. So just remember don’t be scared to join some of these groups. They can be great for support.


You Are Never Alone


I am a grandparent raising a grandson. He is seven now and my wife and I have been raising him since he was 1. My name is Dale and many know me as Grampa Dale. I have a very active private Facebook group which you can take a look at below. Also, feel free to continue checking out my website. I will forever be adding tips and my insights to anything to do with grand parenting or grandparents raising grand kids.


One last thing is if you have any questions, comments or ideas please leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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