Christmas Gifts For Grandchildren-Raising Them Is More Rewarding

If you are a grandparent raising your grandchildren you still need Christmas gifts for grandchildren. This post isn’t necessarily about what you can buy for your grand kids but rather what to expect this Christmas when you do buy them those things that make them smile.

I may make a few recommendations but that’s all they are and in most cases they will just be vague just to make them part of the post.


So Christmas Is Coming


This may be your first Christmas after you started raising your grand kids or it may be your tenth. Either way it is supposed to be one of the happiest and joyous times of the year.



The crappy part is it to can be one of the most saddest times. No matter how great your grand kids are getting while being with you it just is never the same. In the back of their minds they are always wondering what went wrong and why it went wrong.


Christmas is a time for family and no matter what the parents may have done in their child s eyes they are still parents and the kids would love to build memories as an entire family and not just a partial one.


It’s About Keeping Things Positive


There are so many scenarios that we couldn’t possibly go through all of them in this post. I’m going to just let the words flow and see where this article ends up.

The best way to keep things happy and smiley around the holidays is to yourself stay positive and work very hard to keep those around you positive.


The best way to keep things upbeat is to keep things moving. When I say keep things moving I mean that you should be sure to do plenty of activities with your grandchildren to keep their brains on fun things.



It is the holidays and there are no excuses as to their not being things to do. Play games, build ginger bread houses, play games, sing carols and so much more. This does take a required effort for you as well. I know it isn’t always so easy but in one way or another you have made a commitment to be there for your grand kids.


You are the adult and protecting your grand kids from being sad is what you have to do your best at,


Do You Include The Parents


As a grandparent raising my grandson these decisions need to be made at first on how things are turning out with all parties involved. When I say that I mean the grandparents, the parents and the children.


You have to realize that you are there to protect our grand kids. So in many cases you have to be the one making the decisions. What I mean by that is you are in many cases making the tough decisions. Sometimes you have to make decisions that are not popular with the kids or the parents.


Of course in many cases you don’t have options. For example you may have temporary custody but that doesn’t mean you are allowed to keep the parents away. The process can be so confusing and even worse very trying.


At the end of the day you need to make the right and best decision based on your situation.

For example in my situation we have 100% custody of our grandson. The courts are no longer involved and we make all the decisions and we put on the conditions. In our case the mother is absolutely no where in the picture while the father is in but on a limited capacity. In our situation the father would be over at Christmas but not the mother.


If one or both parents will be over for the holidays it is important that you have a talk with them before so that they understand that both of you are on the same page.


It’s Not All About The Gifts

I know this is titled Christmas gifts for grandchildren. I, however do not want you to take that the wrong way. You have already given them the best gift that you possibly could by bringing them home to live with you.


Yes we all know that Christmas is a time for giving and really what kid doesn’t like getting gifts. Of course you are going to buy your grand kids gifts at Christmas.

Now, what I am about to tell you be very important. When parents are not in their kids lives in a normal way quite often they try to make up for it by spoiling them. Most kids right now are at a very impressionable age and while they will be super excited to get tons of gifts. Unfortunately this really doesn’t work great for those involved.


The parent thinks they are doing the right thing but it’s a no brainer that this may be great right now but you can’t buy love, Down the road this is going to be a negative for everyone. The kids learn to associate their parents as someone who buys them stuff all the time. So of course this isn’t going to work well for anyone involved.

Remember It Is Holidays


No matter how you look at it you have to remember that Christmas is supposed to be the happiest time of the year. your grand kids have been through enough so you have to make sure there is no fighting or arguing over the holidays.


It is up to you to talk to the parents beforehand to make sure the rules are laid out. If they happen to go against your wishes then guess what??? It’s right now that you need to learn to bite your tongue. It doesn’t mean you have to forget, you just need to put it on the shelf for a few days.


After the holidays you can let the parents know how they broke the rules and you guys can figure out how it’s going to be handled.


In that same breath if everything went good then it’s time to encourage. Ultimately it would be great for everyone to be on the same page. Wouldn’t that be the best Christmas present for everyone.


My name is Grandpa Dale My wife and I have been raising our grandson since he was 1. He is now 6. I write these posts out of inspiration. I want to be there to help anyone who needs it. I can also be here just to chat.


Feel free to leave any comments or questions below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.



Dale Mazurek


  1. Great article about a Christmas. We adopted our Grandson last February. We got him when he just turned 5 and he is now 9. He is ADHD so we do struggle with that at times. He sees his Dad about once a week, but hasn’t seen or talked to Mom since October 31,2016. That is his choice and we are happy with that. I am going to read your articles. We are well past child rearing, in our mid 70, and have lots to learn.

    • Hi there, thanks for the kind words and for your story. I am only 50 and some days its very overwhelming for me. Feel free to book mark my site as I will be adding new stuff quite regularily. Am even thinking about doing a news letter for subscribers. But one step at a time.

  2. Happy to have come across your site. I am in my 60’s and most days, our 7 and 3 year old grands still ask for piggy back rides which I comply with and pay for. Since caring for grands, my Chanel Gabrielle scent has been replaced with A5-35 Ultra for arthritis. At this season in my life, the only thing I care about is getting through each day. Love the gifting and parental visit advice btw. I long of the days when I was just a grandma spoiling the kiddos rather than on parent mode again.

    • So nice to hear from you Tess. I think we all miss tho days of actually being grandparents. But of course we come from a life where we just do the right things no matter what. Its scary to think what the next generation will be about.

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