Fall Season Safety Tips-Keep Everyone Safe And Cozy

I am going to write about fall season safety tips. As grandparents its important that we keep our homes and our grand babies safe you yes I think this is a very relevant post for my website.


Well anyone who is anyone knows that in most places in the world the leaves have turned colors and fallen off the trees. The days are getting shorter and of course cooler. The air is crisp and the season is beautiful.


However, at this time of the year it is important to keep some safety tips at the top of your list. You want your family to enjoy this time of the year and you don’t want things to turn bad.


When the weather turns from sunny and beautiful of course we tend to spend more time inside the house where it is warm. Well its all the things that keep us warm that we need to be aware of like heaters, furnaces and fireplaces.

So for the rest of this article I am just going to throw some tips at you that you may be able to put in to play at this time of the year.


Get The Furnace Working


If you live anywhere that needs a furnace then you absolutely know and understand the importance of a furnace that is in perfect working order. If winter gets here and you haven’t had your furnace looked at then you are setting yourself up either for very cold nights or very hot ones when your house starts on fire.


You need to vacuum all your registers. Also need to change your furnace filter and honestly it wouldn’t hurt to get all the duct work cleaned. Once this is done then you should have an expert come in to make sure the mechanics of the furnace is working.


The professional will check the power supply, the fan, the thermostat and most importantly will check to make sure there are no lines that are leaking gas.


Caution With Candles


Candles, candles everywhere. So many people love candles. Since this is a grandparents raising grand kids site I am going to say candles are a bad idea. However that is just my opinion.


Candles are beautiful and there brightness alone can warm up a room. The thing that we all have to remember is that candles start fires and that’s a lot of fires. In the United States alone its around 10 000 fires a year. Each and every one of them because of candles being used the wrong way.


So if you are going to burn candles make sure they are kept away from anything that can burn. Also make sure they are put out before you go away or go to sleep. The big thing is make sure kids and pets are kept away.


Maybe Dont Burn Leaves


The first thing I am going to bring up when it comes to burning leaves is that it actually has been proven to be nasty to our health. It has been shown that burning leaves actually have cancer causing agents that are released when they are burned. So this may not ne the best way to get rid of your leaves in the fall time.


If burning leaves is a must then you should be sure to do it far away from your home or any other buildings. Wind can also wreck things in a hurry so you also need to be aware of that.


So at the end of the day if you really need to burn the leaves just be sure to take all precautions to do it safely. It would be terrible to have a pile of leaves destroy everything you have worked for.




A big thing in your house when using a fireplace is protecting the fire from your house. What I mean by that is keeping the sparks inside the fireplace and not spitting out all over the rumpus room or where ever.


Personally I don’t like using screens as the sparks seem to find their ways through the holes of some screens. So the best option is to use glass doors.


Another pointer is to use wood that doesn’t spark and shoot sparks so much. Some of this wood can be very expensive but well worth it in the end. I found birch to be the best and is somewhat affordable.


The last thing I’m going to say about fireplaces is be sure to put the fires out before you lay your head down for a long winters sleep.


Space Heaters


Instead of always turning the furnace up using a space heater to take a chill out of a room can prove to be a more cost effective way of doing it. However it is very important that you know all the aspects of the heater before using it .


Does it need venting or can it be used without venting.


If you are serious about using a space heater then make sure to buy one that is top of the line. You may not want to cheap out when it comes to safety features.


One other thing is that when a space heater is running you should never have anything on it or around it. Keep everything at least 4 feet away.


Smoke Alarms


Smoke alarms should be called life savers and if you are alive and living somewhere then you need to have smoke alarms and also carbon monoxide detectors. Ahh something else that is important is to make sure they work.


A good rule of thumb is that at daylight savings time twice a year you should not check the batteries but actually change them.


On a side note if you have any fire extinguishers in your home you should be sure to have them checked and make sure they are not expired.


A Few More Safety Tips Around Home


Fall time is a busy time of the year. The surroundings and scenery are beautiful but its important to get ready for the cold snowy days ahead. Most of us are in our yards doing the final clean up. Just keep safety in mind. It really sucks to wreck a day by doing something that could have been prevented.


All those beautiful trees that you were looking at through the summer are just long bare limbs now. They are like fingers sticking out in the world. Now is the time to trim them back from roof tops, power lines, fences and anything else they may be touching.


This is all fine and dandy but make sure you have a plan. Now a plan doesn’t need to be an all day affair where you hire lawyers, engineers, accountants and tradesmen. All you need to do is take a look around and envision what could go wrong and try to avoid that from happening.


There is a good chance you are going to need a ladder. This alone opens up an entire new ball of safety that you need to be aware of.


Make sure you pay attention to what you are leaning the ladder against. Watch the angle of the ladder. Make sure you have dry feet when you go to climb the ladder. Just make sure you do all the little things right and the big things will take care of themselves.


At The End Of The Day


You want to be able to enjoy the season with your grand kids and you want to be able to do it in one piece. Keep your mind on the game and everything will work out just fine.


The fall season safety tips that you just read are just a handful of hundreds and hundreds of tips that are out there. I just wanted to make people aware and to make sure they put some thought into the things they are doing. Safety is important any day of the week but now that you are raising your grandchild it is ever so more important that you are around to be there for them.


Who Am I


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  1. Such important info! If I might just add to the alarms, one for explosive gases. I didn’t know such a thing existed until my daughter and family lost their home several years ago to a natural gas explosion. Natural gas doesn’t always smell like the ‘rotten eggs’ they tell us to watch out for. It was only by the Grace of God that my daughter and 4 grandchildren survived their three level home being reduced to splinters with them in it. Shortly thereafter we discovered the alarms. Mine detects both carbon monoxide and explosive gasses.

    • Wow, that is a huge tip. Im so glad everyone was ok. Homes can be rebuilt but not lives. Now everyone needs to read your comment because that is so very important.

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