Fishing With Grandkids-Doesnt Get Any Better!!

Fishing with grand kids’, it doesn’t get any better. You wake up, step out on the deck and you take a deep breath of fresh air. The birds are singing, sun is shining and you know you have a wonderful plan in place’ Today there will be no cell phones, no internet, no video games or any annoying TVs. The rat race of everyday life will be thrown away at least for a little while.

All About Getting Ready

Today, instead it’s time to pack a lunch, load some gear, like some fishing rods and tackle, and head out to the well-known fishing hole. You have decided that today is the day to go fishing with your grand kids’. You have decided that today is a new day to start some new memories. As a grandparent raising your grand kids’ it can at times be very difficult. Well this is one of those times when things don’t have to be messy or screwed up. For a few great hours the world can seem to be just as it should.

There is no way you could think this is a bad idea. So because of that it’s time to pack up and get on your way. As a grandparent raising your grand kids’ this could be a great way for some bonding that may be needed along with some much-needed chill time. The bright spot in all of this is you even have an opportunity to catch supper. Just remember one thing even if you don’t catch. A bad day of fishing is always better than a good day at work.

This isn’t really about catching fish but rather some serious bonding and building some fantastic life memories that will always be there. Besides the joy of fishing the bonus is getting to spend a day in nature. So many people would die to get this opportunity.

Need To Fish More Often

It has likely been a long time since you have ventured to an opportunity like this, in fact you may not even remember everything that you used to know about fishing gear. That’s ok because for the most part it’s really like riding a bike and very little to forget. Also remember you will be fishing with kids’ so in this case less is better which means when you are working with kids’ you don’t need no fancy swantzy gear. It’s not about the equipment but rather the day.

Want to see the adrenaline flow, just get a fish on the hook and see everyone go crazy. Everyone will be jumping up and down. The excitement will be insane. Can you imagine what kind of boost this will give you and your grand kids’. It will also be a great learning experience for both of you.

Some Things You Need To Know

There are some important factors with fishing with grand kids’ and one of the most important is you need patience and you will need a lot of it. You can’t go fishing like you used to but rather you have to remember you are with kids’ and it’s about having fun. Please don’t expect the kids’ to be good at what they are doing. So it’s very important to keep things simple with everything from the gear to the techniques.

When you decided to take on this journey you know you need a bit of pre planning especially about the simple equipment. By doing this you will bring the stress levels way down. If it were me I would choose a simple sin cast rod and reel. These were always easier for my kids to start on so why should it be any different for the grandchildren.

It’s okay to use small hooks, in fact small hooks are a must. Why you ask? Because you will catch more fish with smaller hooks. Bigger hooks are for bigger smarter fish. This technique takes time and patience. This is something little kids’ aren’t going to stand for. Little hooks actually allow fish to bite the hook as opposed to just nibbling. You do need to be careful if you are planning on returning the fish to the water. If the fish does swallow the hook then the right thing to do is cut the line and let the fish go.

Kids love bobbers, they love the colors and they love to watch them in the water. There are a few different kinds of bobbers like floats or slip bobbers. The later is the better one because they slide up and down the line making casting easier. When it comes to fishing with grand kids’ the more you can make easy the better. Also the best line for bobbers is a nice light say 6 pound test.

Now an important part is finding a good place to fish. Guaranteed there are lots of places not far away and also there are ways of finding out if you really don’t know. Social media, local fishing reports, fishing guides and word of mouth are just a few.

Its all About Decisions

You could consider renting a boat, heading to a local pond, maybe a creek or a river and in some cases even the ocean. As long as fishing is allowed then you are good to go. Try to stay away from fly-fishing, not a great idea for beginning fisher people. So much more technique and finesse needed for fly-fishing.

If you are around the ocean in most cases you can get some great fishing opportunities right from the dock. Many pan fish, catfish, redfish and so many more can be caught right from the docks. You can even catch crab if you are at the right place at the right time. Crab are attracted to certain baits. All you do is bait them, watch for them and then scoop them up when they come for the bait. Another way is to buy a few crab traps if you want to try it that way. Either way it will be tons of fun.

Another great option in the world of fishing is ice fishing. Of course the most important thing to consider before an ice fishing trip is the temperature. Of course if it’s too cold you really don’t want to try to take your grand kids’ out in that. Just takes all the fun out of everything. Another reason it need to be warm is most kids’ don’t have the patience to sit in an ice hut. They are going to be running around. All in all make sure it’s about the kids’ whether you catch a fish or not.

At the end of the day you need to try to go someplace where the fish bite quite easy. They don’t absolutely have to be big fish. In the case of fishing with grand kids’ it’s better to have action as opposed to hoping for that big one. There is nothing better than watching the kids’ bobber go down several times. The smiles are endless and the memories will last forever.

As in anything some things are easier than others and that’s no different when it comes to types of fish to catch. In general it seems that most pan fish are the ones to go after for kids’. In my opinion the best and easiest fish I have ever caught is yellow perch. There is no better way to enjoy a day at the pond catching loads of perch. Let me tell you the kids’ will love this.

Something very important to do before throwing a hook in the water is to understand and know the regulation as to where you are fishing. Chances are good that you will need a license. With that license you will get a set of regulations. it is up to you to understand that guide.

Some rules you are going to have to take into consideration are size limits, amounts of fish and what kinds of baits can be used. I can’t stress enough how important this is because a breaking of the rules could turn a very good day into a bad day very quickly. You could get a small fine, big fine or a very big fine. Ignorance isn’t an excuse so don’t let it be yours.

Keeping Your Day Perfect

The nice thing about buying your license and fishing legally is many of these dollars go right back into the fishing industry by cleaning lakes and ponds, restocking and so much more. So in essence fishing does wonders for the environment.

All decisions aside, where you fish or what you fish for the absolutely most important thing is something very different. That thing is safety. As a grandparent having your grand child out there it is imperative that you keep them safe. Please make sure they always wear a life jacket. Even if you guys are fishing on the banks of a pond the personal flotation device should always be worn.

So at the end of the day there are rules, regulations and plans to make. This all seems a lot but really it isn’t. It’s all about making sure your grand kids’ and you have fun and build a ton of memories.

If you ever have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below and I will absolutely get back to you.


Dale Mazurek


  1. What an absolutely fun article. And timely too. I take my four grandkids fishing as much as possible and to my amazement, they love it. They were fearless when it comes to baiting the hooks and unhooking the fish. The most important thing, as you say, is to just savor the day, each day you are with them.

    • I remember taking my kids fishing and it was a great time.  However it just seems like a different kind of fun with my grandson.  But at the end of the day all the memories keeps these days fresh.

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