Grandparents Raising Their Grandkids

It may be or may not be new to this world but to me Grandparents raising their Grand kids is a new concept.  The world has changed so much over the years that it could make your head spin.

I remember as a kid that it seemed like my grandparents were old people that struggled to do even the basic things in life.  Of course I was wrong and was just seeing a couple older people from a young kids eyes.  However I’m not sure I am totally wrong.  Because I sure didn’t see my grandparents taking me to the park, driving me to appointments, washing my laundry, helping me with homework and so much more.

There are a number of reasons why children are being brought up by their grand parents but unfortunately most of them are not very good.

Why is this happening??

Death, abandonment, drugs, neglect are just a few reasons that come to me quickly.  I know this sounds harsh but it truly is reality.  However at the end of the day no matter what the reason the grandparents need to get a pat on the back.  Raising kids after yours have grown and left can be a very difficult under taking.  However in the same breath it can also be very rewarding.

This will be just the first post of many that will end up on this site.  In the days, weeks, months and years to come I will get into many more details of Grandparents raising their Grand kids.  I also look forward to feed back from anyone who cares to follow me.

Thanks from Grandpa Dale


Dale Mazurek

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