Help for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren-I am Back

First and foremost this website/blog was built to make sure there was a place for help for grandparents raising grandchildren. Over the years this situation has gone from something that happens to an al out pandemic. As if one pandemic in a lifetime wasn’t enough now us grandparents face our second.

That’s for another day and another article. The subject of grandparents raising grand kids is such a huge subject that one article can’t come close to covering everything.

Why I was away for so long is another story and one day I may write about it but for now I just want to move forward with things that fill me with passion. My one passion of course is Everything to do with grandparents who are raising their grandchildren and the other is learning to make money online. I do both of these but of course this site is concerned with the grandparent subject.

Of course many grandparents would like to earn online so one day I will share that with you as well but that’s for another day after I get caught up with everything else.

Who Am I?-Why Am I Qualified?

Grampa and Bladen

This article is just to meant to be brief and to give an over view of myself and everything I expect this blog to be in years to come so here goes.

My name is Dale and I am a Grandparent raising a grandson. I am married to a wonderful woman and together we had to become more of a team than we ever thought we would have to be.

I know there are several reasons why we ended up raising our grandchildren like drugs, death, abandonment and so much more. In our case it was drugs. You can take a look at our story here.

Our grandson is 9 and came to live with us when he was one year old and will likely be with us until he is an adult.

We have gone through so many ups and downs because of our guy being brought into this world as an addict. I am qualified because of the things we have gone through but mostly because I learn from everyone and everyone that has anything to do with us raising our kids, kids.

An Overview To Why Grandparents Raise Grandchildren

Bad habits

Through the nine years of raising my grandson I have learned so much as to why so many grandparents are raising their grand kids. None of them make this life easier. Through the website I will try to provide as much information and suggestions. Also, will call on others to give their opinion.

Of course some reasons grandparents are raising their grand children are below and I hope to eventually touch on all of them and possibly have some guest bloggers help me out.

Parents have difficulties with addiction to alcohol or drugs

  • Parents could have mental health or emotional problems
  • Parents have difficulties with addiction to drugs or alcohol
  • It sucks but there is also parent neglect or abuse
  • Possibly one or both parents are incarcerated
  • Parents were just too young to bring up a child
  • Maybe the parent can’t raise the children because of physical issues or death
  • Homelife is to unstable and maybe doesn’t even have a home
  • Parents can’t afford to raise a child.
  • Possibly a product of divorce which brings too much uncertainty
  • Grandparents help while parents are working
  • Parents are in militaryI am sure there are more and we absolutely will be able to explore each one out there.

        Where I Want This Website To Go

        Where Am I Going

        Eventually I want this to be the most user website out there on this subject.

        I want it to be a go to resource for absolutely everything to do with Grandparents raising their Grandchildren.

        I want to be able to give advice, jokes, information, friendship, support and so much more. I want you to tell all your friends, family and contacts that are in the same boat as you.

        I already have about 100 different sorts of things that I want to write about on this delicate subject but also a subject that can be very rewarding.

        I guess my dream is to have an all involved go to sight for anything to do with grandparents raising grand kids.

        An Introduction To My Private Facebook Page

        Something I am very proud of is my Facebook group. It’s a group I opened a few years ago. I added a couple posts and Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Worldwidethen I saw my first person join my group.

        That person is still a member of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Worldwide and she is my friend, my moderator and someone who is very active in this Facebook group.

        I am happy to say that while this may not sound like a lot for others but the group now boasts over 1600 members of which many are very active.

        The other thing to know is that the group is a Private Group. This means you need to answer some security questions before you can even get in.

        Once inside you can chat about anything and feel comfortable because the members are all the same and nothing you say ever goes on your feed outside the group. You will see posts from other members but only because you are a member.

        Lets just say you can have the piece of mind that you found a great place to unwind or ask anything you would like.

        Time To Move ForwardMoving forward

        It is time for me to move forward and let the stuff behind me stay there. It’s time to make my website and my Facebook group the two best entities on the web.

        I can’t wait to get this article finished so I can get back into the meat and potatoes of all my writing that I eventually want to end up on the site.

        I want to say thank you to all my fans who have stuck by me and hung around and waited for Grampadale to get back online where he belongs.

        So now its time to finish this post and get it published so I can start moving forward.

        My name is Dale and I have been a grandparent raising a grandchild for 8 years and have been working online for much longer.  You can find my business website by clicking My Home Business

        Dale Mazurek


        1. I am sorry to read about your child’s drug addiction, but I commend you for taking up the challenge of raising this kid as grand parents. I cannot really imagine what it means when such a thing comes on your plate, but it will completely change your life. Freedoms you might have had will be very limited or completely gone. I know this by experience, because when you have kids and take full responsibility, your first duty is to the little one or ones, at all times.

          Your great initiative might have a big impact on the FB group and all your followers and maybe more grandparents might be inclined to do the same. I wish you good look with this website!

          • Thank you Jerry.  I have big plans for this site.  Hope to see you again

        2. These past 4 months our 2 grandchildren have been staying with my wife and I at our home. It’s a thrilling experience but it also involves several challenges. These are children that need to be loved but also need to be disciplined. When my wife and I were younger, it was easier. But we have discovered that enforcing all that needs to be enforced can be mentally and physically exhausting. But we love our kids so we’re doing our best.

          • You are so right.  It becomes very challenging in so many ways.  However I now credit my grandson for keeping me young since I have been chasing him for almost 9 years.  It is great that you are stepping up to help.  I hope the challenges get easier.

            Thanks for stopping by.

        3. It is really sad to hear about your child and how there’s a drug addiction to battle. All the same, I commend you for two things, first for taking your grandson and keeping him to raise and do also having the courage to build this website to help others. You really are very courageous and I like that. It’s very admirable. I’d like to come here frequently to learn a thing or two.

        4. Rasing out kids can be somehow difficult and so she really needed help to help us deal with it and that’s us where we call granny to help with it buts it’s not easy for them as well and but as you have explained these things in this article I really believe I too can now fully train my kids and be hoof about the process and not involve anyone along the line. 

        5. Oh wow Dale, your story sounds so touchy for one’s heart. I feel your struggles and happiness at the same time. I
          will continue reading to find out more about your story. 

          I hope you guys are feeling compassion from other people and knowing that your role as grandparents raising a child is a gift. 

          I am sure that your grandchild is one happy, healthy, and joyful kid grateful for having you in their life.  

          • Thank you for the kind words.  You are right.  He is very happy and healthy.  He does know his dad now and even has a relationship here but here is always home.

            Everyday is a new challenge but te hug at the end of the day is all worth it.

        6. Raising grandchildren is no easy task. There is a myriad of reasons for which parents can’t look after their kids, one of them being both of them have to work. These times are tough and sometimes what the husband earns is not enough to cover all home expenses.

          What I’m against is the abuse. I’ve seen cousins and friends leave their kids with Grandma because they don’t want to deal with them. I’m not talking about work, but trips to the store or somewhere else. We need to be more considerate toward our parents. We should make it easier for them.

          Thanks for sharing. This is a very interesting subject.

          • Hi Enrique

            I agree it should be made easier for Grandparents.  The cold hard truth is quite often the Grandparents arent given much of a choice.  In our situation we were told either we take him or he will be put up for adoption.

            I mean it really was a no brainer but the fact is that we still really werent given a choice and most arent.

            Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my website.


        7. It is unfortunate when situations as difficult as those described in the list of causes occur that can lead to the option of raising your grandchildren.
          It is impossible to ignore those little people so fragile and helpless even more if they are part of our blood, but it is a commendable and wonderful task and that somehow makes you go back in time to start again.
          The great advantage of this new task is that now you already have the experience lived with your children and that allows you to really enjoy them since the first time nobody taught us how to be parents.
          I wish you the best of luck, courage and encouragement in this great task.

          • Thanks Marco.  It has definatly been an interesting 8 years.  Some things came easy but others not so much.  Thank you for the best wishes.

        8. Thank you so much for sharing with us a beautiful and informative article. The main content of this article is  Help for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren. It is truly remarkable that you have presented this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of knowledge about Dale. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like Time To Move Forward. I have visited the business website shown in your article which has inspired me to start a business.

          Finally, I enjoyed reading your article and enjoyed it so I’d like to share your article in my Facebook group if you give me permission.

          • Thank you for taking the time to hang out.  This issue in itself has actually been labelled a pandemic several years ago.

            I would love for you to share my article in your group but please just for my well being I would like to see the group first.


        9. hello there. awesome article you have here I am sorry to read about your child’s drug addiction, but I commend you for taking up the challenge of raising this kid as grand parents. I cannot really imagine what it means when such a thing comes on your plate, but it will completely change your life. 
           Your great initiative might have a big impact on the Facebook group and all your followers and maybe more grandparents might be inclined to do the same. I wish you good look with this website!

          • You are absolutely right when saying our life was completely changed.  Im not going to lie some days are tough but we always get through.

        10. Thanks for this article, personally I don’t like such because my most grandparents will use the knowledge they had then thinking that will work now.Children raised by grandparents are more likely to experience challenges as well. Because they are often living in an unofficial arrangement, they are less likely to qualify for social services. And they are more likely to experience emotional and behavioral problems. . This often means giving up your leisure time, the option of traveling, and many other aspects of your independence.

          • You are so right.  Many of the techniques I used when raising my kids just dont work anymore.  Society is a different place and with difference comes change.  The fact of the matter in many cases the grandparents only have two options.  Raise your grand child or possibly never see your grand child again.

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