Heroin Addiction Help-Such A Scary World

Heroin addiction help is going to be my second post on my series of articles that I am writing for my website Grampadale.com. My wife and I are a set of grandparents raising our 6 year old grandson and have been for about 5 years.


I have a Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/group… about grandparents raising grand kids. As I was reading in some other groups and then in mine the one common denominator that I almost always saw was that most grandparents were raising their grand kids because of drug use by the biological parents.


So that is why I finally decided to start writing these articles. I am in this for the long haul so feel free to come back and read new material. Also, soon I would like to add a member type of sign up so that whenever I post you would get notification.


Anyways for now lets get back on topic and start building this very difficult post.


What Is Heroin?


Heroin is a totally illegal and very quick addictive drug. After saying that it’s terrible that I have to tell you that it is used by millions of people around the world on a daily basis.

It is used by so many because once they are addicted they have almost no chance of getting off this dangerous and deadly drug. One of the biggest reasons people don’t want to quit is that they know how terrible the withdrawals will be.


Heroin is like a mixture of morphine and opium and is manufactured from parts of the poppy plants. There is a white milky substance that has the texture of sap that is removed from the flower pod on the poppy. Certain things are done to make the opium into morphine and then it is further worked on to finally get heroin in different strengths.


In almost all cases heroin is injected which of course makes the user face even more dangers. One of those big dangers is AIDS and a few other infections. Then of course the user will be suffering from addiction.


An anonymous user said something like this. “I don’t know what the world is about anymore because of heroin. I was kicked out of home and no one from my friends or family wanted to see me anymore. I was alone and all I had was the drug.”


Where did Heroin Come From?


The drug company Bayer was the first to manufacturer heroin. Bayer was a company out of Germany. Heroin was first developed to help treat tuberculosis and ironically was developed to battle addiction to morphine.


A Never Ending Cycle



Things when it came to opium addiction in the 1850s in the United States was a very serious problem. At that time what they would try to do was to give addicts a less potent drug to help them get off the stronger one. In those day’s morphine was assumed to be a drug you wouldn’t or couldn’t get addicted to. So of course with what we know now it’s no surprise that addictions to morphine ended up being a bigger problem then the opium epidemic.


So this is where the never ending cycle comes in. They attempted to deal with the problems with morphine by prescribing another non-addictive drug called heroin. Then before anyone could stop it was shown that heroin was even more addictive then morphine.


So, in 1937 yet another drug was introduced to the world with the name of Methadone. It was first used for pain relief in surgery and then ended up acting as another non-addictive substitute and this time for Methadone. However once again now methadone ended up being more potent then heroin. The difference now is that it was being used under control of the medical field.


The epidemic became so bad by the 1990s that deaths from heroin became 20 times greater then all other drugs combined.


How Do We Recognize Heroin?


White powder is what you would see if you were looking at pure heroin. However, more so if you would see it on a normal day it would be gray or even black. The reason for the color changes is that of additives that are used to dilute the drug.


Some substances used in dilution can be sugar, caffeine and even on the streets sometimes strychnine and other types of poisons can and will be used. These additives never really dissolve properly. So many important blood vessels can be plugged if heroin that’s diluted is injected into the body. Even without the addiction this action can lead to serious illness or even destroy important organs.
The reason users end up over dosing so much is that there is never a real known strength. So when a user buys a pack they have no clue how strong or weak of a dose they are getting.


Sniffed, smoked and injected is how heroin is used. The first time is what gets a person hooked. The sensation is a high like no other high before. People find they communicate very easily and in almost all cases sexual arousal is very high but not for a long period. The user ends up chasing the first high but can never get it.


Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs out there and the withdrawal comes with pain like no other. The immune system is quickly killed which leaves a user very sick, thin and quickly death will follow.


Names On The Street



There are many names that heroin can be known as on the streets:


Heroin Big H Brown Sugar H Hell Dust Horse Junk

Nose drops Skag Smack Thunder


Worldwide Stats



  • It is estimated that over 9 million people worldwide are using heroin and almost 14 million when it comes to opium
  • Over 90% of the opium in the world comes from Afghanistan.(Opium is the start of heroin). 5 billion is roughly the total export value with roughly 3/4 of that going to the traffickers and the rest to the farmers who grow the opium plant.
  • Estimates tell us that in the United States alone there are over 1 000 000 heroin users
  • After a study done it was shown that in Europe opiates which were mostly heroin that 4 out of five drug related deaths had to do with the opiates.
  • Heroin alone is responsible for over 20% of all the admissions into drug or alcohol treatment centers in North America


Here are a few words from a girl named Allison


“One day I started using and I never stopped. Within 7 day’s I graduated from taking it up my nose to injecting it in my arm. After a month I was as addicted as you can get. I was going through every penny I had to buy drugs. I ended up selling all my stuff and took all my moms stuff and sold that as well until after a year everything was lost.”



“I ended up selling my car, got fired from my job and ended up getting my credit cards up to $25 000. Got kicked out of my moms house and ended up on the streets. Lieing, cheating and stealing was my only way of life.”



“I ended up getting raped, robbed, beaten and so much more. I was sick, homeless and desperate. I knew that I was on the way to death because there was no way anyone could continue on this path and live. But in my mind I was at the point where death was a better option then being a junkie.”



Destruction Brought On By Heroin


Death and drugs go hand in hand. If you continue doing the drugs and don’t seek help then absolutely you will end up dyeing. Being an addict is like being a prisoner. You lose all control of your life.


At first, you might think drugs actually help you. They deal with bad things going on in your life and help your brain escape. At least that’s what you think. However, before you know it’s the drugs that are your only problem and they are all you can think about from the moment you wake up if you get any kind of good sleep.



Drugs equal death. If you do nothing to get out, you end up dying. To be a drug addict is to be imprisoned. In the beginning, you think drugs are your friend (they may seem to help you escape the things or feelings that bother you). But soon, you will find you get up in the morning thinking only about drugs.


“All you do all day is get more drugs and take them. All morning and afternoon is spent getting high. When you go to bed you fall asleep by using the heroin. And that is your life every day. You end up going in a vicious circle that makes you feel like you are in jail. At the end of the day you end up going from jail to your grave.” Sabrina



Harm done today: When you first start to use heroin you will get a rush that feels better then any feeling you have ever had in your life. You will start to feel dry mouthed and you will feel warm all over. Many times along with the rush you end up throwing up and getting very itchy.


Once these effects at the start begin to go away you will then get very sleepy for many hours. Your body will function but will slow down with breathing and heart rate.


So once the drugs effects have almost worn off then the body starts to crave more. Its so important to get the next fix because if not the withdrawals will start . The withdrawals are one of the big reasons addicts do everything they can to get more drugs because they do not want to deal with what comes with the withdrawals. Some of those things are bad pain, vomiting, restlessness, diarrhea and really bad discomfort. Its even very much worse then it sounds.


The initial big high only lasts a few minutes and each time the user has to use more and more to get that initial few minute high. And eventually they need that much to just feel somewhat normal.


Effects For Short Term



  • Huge rush
  • breathing is slowed way down
  • hard to function normally
  • sore guts and throwing up
  • feel very sleepy
  • your body temperature lowers
  • death from overdose


Long Term Effects With Heroin


All you are going to end up with when you continue to use this drug is horrible destruction to your body. Veins will end up collapsing from always injecting. Severe infections of blood vessels and the heart end up happening.


Tuberculosis is a direct result of your body being in a very bad condition. Believe it or not in the long run arthritis can also become a result of heroin use.


The lifestyle of an addict- Almost always addicts end up sharing each others needles, of course in lots of cases this leads to aids and many other diseases that are contagious. In the United States there are over 40 000 new infections of hepatitis C each year and over 70% are as a direct result of using dirty needles.


Some Long term Effects


  • Teeth go rotten
  • gums inflame and bleed
  • constipation
  • You get lots of cold sweats
  • You are always scratching
  • immune system weakens
  • end up in a coma
  • breathing problems
  • small amounts of paralysis
  • womens cycle is all over the place and may even disappear for a while
  • no sex drive
  • can’t achieve orgasm
  • can’t remember anything
  • heavy depression
  • scabs on face
  • no hunger
  • can’t sleep


“So many people talk about how great heroin is until they end up losing everything. When I say everything I mean family, friends, home and anything of any value. Your life becomes about stealing and lying and you have no respect for anything important in your life.”Pete



Just Try It Once


You need to understand that it takes only one shot of heroin to become addicted.
The big thing out there is experimentation thinking that once or twice will be OK. They figure it will be no problem to stop. Believe me that easier said then done. once you get that first high it’s almost impossible to go back. You may even puke the first time but the high far outweighs that.


The drug will be all over you like a stalking lover. It will trap you so that you will actually feel like you are running out of air if you don’t get that next hit.
A lot more then just addiction becomes an issue. I read about a young man who was just like any other young man. Liked to sit around with friends, listen to music and maybe have a few drinks.


Well this one time his friends offered him a line of heroin and he had done it once before so thought it would be OK. Fifteen minutes later he was passed out on the floor. Once he was rushed to the hospital he ended up in a coma for 2 months. Finally, when he came out of the coma he is confined to a wheel chair, he can’t write and can barely read and will never live out his dreams. And to think this was only the second time he ever tried it.


The Look Of Heroin


There actually was a time when people were deathly afraid of heroin. However now for some reason the users have tried to make it fashionable.


In the last 10 years the famous heroin look has become famous. Blank expressions, dull complexion, black marks under the eyes, cheeks sunk in, lots of weight loss and greasy hair. This look was even made popular enough to show up on the cover of many magazines.


In the 1960s the rock stars of that era helped make LSD a popular drug. Now in the 2000s it’s the photographers and fashion designers that are influencing the young generation by showing things all over magazines, music videos and so forth.


Walking A Thin Line


Many kids start smoking and drinking booze at a very young age. By the time graduation rolls around over 50% of teens have tried at least marijuana. Then of course some move on to substances that are far more addictive.


That doesn’t mean that every kid who tries marijuana will become a heroin addict. That being said you do need to know that the chances are high that they will. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of studies and they all show that most teens do not use other drugs before first using marijuana.
Once a person falls in love with getting high and that high no longer comes then the users usually go looking for something to give them a new high. That usually leads to getting onto the bigger and more addictive drugs.


Reality Is Fact


More and more kids are getting in touch with drugs that are illegal.
There have been some surveys that show that more than 10% of children aged 12 to 17 are drug users in North America. Its been shown that once they get to college that use is doubled and the use of cocaine and heroine is rising quickly.


According to a UN survey on drugs they have figured that in 2012 almost 20 million people worldwide have used some sort of opiates


Heroin Has Taken On A New Face


The picture of some junkie in a dark back alley shooting up is the picture of old. Actually the new picture in it’s own way is much scarier.


Some addicts today are as young as 12 years old. No dark alleys for them but rather their home in the basement playing video games and listening to music. These kids are smart and appear stylish and have no same traits as the addicts of yesterday. Hell, they don’t even have needle marks anymore.


Heroin comes in many forms now which make them easier to take. It has also become more affordable. At least at the beginning anyways.Because of all the things that make heroin more tempting it has caused use in teenagers to go up more then 300%.


Most kids have no interest in sticking needles in their arms but won’t think twice about smoking or taking a sniff. The fact of the matter is this makes people think there is less risk and that is a very false assumption to take on. The truth of the matter that in any form and at any time heroine is deadly and very addictive.




This is a very scary drug. Cheese heroin is a very highly addictive form of heroin called black tar or Mexican heroin. Its called that because of it’s color. Its mixed with medications you can buy over the counter. Such things as Tylenol PM


These drugs have become very affordable and are getting to kids as young as 9 years old. Many of these kids are getting hooked on the cheese heroin and are ending up in hospitals for numbers of reasons including withdrawals.
When you mix the two drugs together they tend to make every day things like breathing very hard to do. Not to mention it plays havoc on the childs heart. According to many authorities cheese heroin is blamed for many deaths in the United States.


What The Dealers Are Going To Say


Teens who have participated in surveys about drug use will tell you that in most cases they used drugs because they were pressured by friends. They felt they would be an out cast if they didn’t cave to the pressure. The problem with that is the dealers know this.


Many times dealers will come to you as a friend. They will always offer to help you be a part of the in crowd. They assure you that the drug will make you one of the cool ones.


Remember that drug dealers love the lure of lots of money so they will say anything to you to make you believe you are doing the right thing. They will tell you that they can offer you the best high you will ever have and they will promise their stuff can always maintain that high.


The dealers couldn’t care less what happens to your life as long as they are getting paid. Money is their number one reason for what they do. They will even admit that the people they sell to are like pawns in a chess game. They will do everything they can to make the right moves to win that chess game.


Drugs And The Truth


At the end of the day it’s not so much about the facts but rather it’s about staying away from drugs all together.


Plain and simple drugs are poison. The effects of that poison is determined by how many drugs are taken.


Only a few drugs speed you up while most of them actually puts you into a downer. Even worse that that is drugs do kill you.


Another big bad effect is your mind is directly affected by your drug use. They end up affecting everything you do and in saying that some things you end up doing is not only odd but can be very destructive to yourself and to others around you.


People Take Drugs Why?


In almost all occasions people take drugs to try to change something in their lives

Below are a few reasons why young people end up taking drugs.

  • They need to escape from something
  • A need to fit in
  • A form of relaxing
  • To beat up on being bored
  • To feel older then they are
  • To lash out
  • To try something new


At the beginning this may all seem somewhat OK but at the end the drugs will always take over.
We all end up dealing with problems in life and it may suck to have to face them but while drugs might feel good for the short term things are going to backfire in a hurry. The actual drugs and drug use will end up being a bigger problem then the original problem. You just need to face your issues and do it without drugs.



Who Am I?


My name is Dale and I am the owner of a website named Grandpadale.com. I also have a Facebook group for grandparents raising grand kids and you can find that link below as well.


My wife and I have been raising our grandson for five years now and yes drugs were a factor in that. When I opened my Facebook group I quickly learned that drug use was the main reason that grand kids end up with their grandparents. At that point I decided to do a series on different drugs and their effects.


My website and my Facebook is about education and learning for me. After realizing how many people are out there actually raising their grand kids I decided to do something to help people. My way of coping and helping is through words.


Please understand that no matter where you live there is help.  AADAC, social services, counselor, church, yellow pages, Doctor, hospital.  There is always someplace you can go.


My Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/group…



I also have a few helpful products on my page which I will always be adding to. If you find something that will help then great. If not please just keep checking out my website and face book group.

My Product Page

Also as usual you are more than welcome to leave comments or ask questions below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Grandpa Dale

Dale Mazurek


  1. Your article touched my heart. My husband and I are raising our special needs Granddaughter. She will be 14 in December. We have her 13 years and have adopted her, it is a battle everyday with her needs but she did not ask to be born. My son is bio dad he and his girlfriend are heroin addicts. I am 67 now and have no idea where my son is he has not contacted me in nine years. My heart breaks not knowing if he is alive and safe.

    • My heart goes out to you. Having to wonder about your son everyday is terrible. We were in that position for a while but no where near as long as you. However at the end of the day you are doing whats right and kudos to you. Thank you for the kind words and thank you for leaving a comment.

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