How To Help Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

As a community where there is an epidemic happening we need to help grandparents raising children. I know that’s a broad statement but it’s still a statement.


I am from Canada but this is an epidemic that is happening all over the world. I have a Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/group… and the members inside are from all over the world. Also when I say it’s an epidemic I mean that. We aren’t just looking a t a few hundred people. We are talking about several million. I mean like about 7 million people worldwide. That’s not a small number.


As a grandparent rising a grandchild I know things can be very difficult. I sometimes know we can feel very much alone and that’s a feeling we need to get rid of.
Yes we are an epidemic but the good thing about being an epidemic is that there are lots of people to help each other out there.


For the most part when I write in my group and on my website I write from the heart, I write from experience and very little when it comes to statistics. Yes, I believe statistics are important but for the most part I want to leave that for the people who love statistics.


Myself, I am a helper and love when I am able to help people. Sometimes it is with info, sometimes it’s with experience and even sometimes it’s with a helpful product. However at the end of the day my intention is to be there for as many grandparents as possible.


So below I will try to show you a few ways we can help other grands when we do it from the heart.


Let Others Be There For You


I know that it is very hard to trust sometimes. Even if it is the people closest to you. We have seen everything that our little ones have been through. In many cases they have lost their parents to drugs, death, abuse and so much more.


We took a commitment to keep them safe forever and we feel that if we let someone else in that we are letting down our guards. if we let down our guards then we might be letting someone in to once again hurt our babies.


Believe me I know I’m not just talking out of my butt because I have been there and am just now after five years starting to let go of the reigns a little. We have to understand there are people out there who are willing to help us. It’s OK to take our time to make the decision but it is a decision that we really should make.


We have family and we have friends and they all told us at the beginning that when we needed something they would be there for us. Well now I absolutely think it’s time that you accepted that help.


Take Time For You


Ha ha, I know plenty of you are laughing right now at the title above. I know you are thinking that there will never be time for you. Well I am here to not ask but tell you that it is time you take that time.


Taking time isn’t an option. It is a must. If you plan on making it through this time period of raising your grand kids and keeping your sanity then you will take time for you.


For grandparents raising grand kids this all seems like a dream that will never happen. The fact of the matter is you need to make it happen.
In case, you need to be reminded we are human(not meant to be sarcastic). We have a lot on our plates. Lots more than we ever anticipated.at this point in our lives. So sometimes we just need to sit back and smell the roses. That can be done in many different ways but is truly possible.


  • Bubble bath
  • Early morning coffee
  • late night shopping trip
  • 2 hour bingo game
  • Walk around the block


There is so much more. You sometimes have to just use your imagination and remember that it is okay to not only ask but also accept some help that may be offered to you.


Think About Social Media


Okay, right about now you might be slanting your eyes and looking at me funny. You might be wondering what the heck is he thinking or talking about. Well honestly I am talking about Facebook groups.


I absolutely say this because facebook groups helped me enough to want to build my own facebook group. The best groups are the ones that are closed and require you answer questions to be admitted. Also where the admin take great care in checking out every single person who asks to join. In my case and a couple other groups I know myself, my admin and the admin from the other groups don’t take any chances. If something seems off then the requests are denied.


The closed Facebook groups are great because they are closed and moderated. You should be able to vent, laugh, joke and whatever else. Also, you should never be judged. If anyone attacks you in any way then your admin should be dealing with things.


At the end of the day facebook groups if done properly are a whole new tool that we never had before. They are a great place to help you get through your journey.

You Never Have To Be Alone


At the end of the day you need to remember there is no reason that you ever need to be alone. You are one of millions and every single one of you deserve to have the same treatment.


Remember we are all in this to protect our grands and to keep them safe. When you sit back at the end of the day and you have just folded your last t-shirt, are taking a sip of your tea. Your house is dark except for maybe a light over the stove. The television has been long turned off and you are just enjoying the quiet time.


You take great pride in knowing that no matter what you and your grands are in a good place. They are safe, they are warm, they have food in their bellies and they love smiling. how could anything be better than that.


So when you look to help grandparents raising grandchildren you really need to look no further than the people around you.


Who Am I?


Some of you might be wondering who I am and what qualifies me to talk about grandparents raising grand kids. Well my name is Grampa Dale and you can find my story below.
I don’t just talk the life, I live the life with my wife and our six year old grandson. I am well on my way to making this a full time passion. I work very hard to not only inform other grands but to be there for other grands.


See Why I Am Qualified


Also, feel free to check out my page where I suggest some great products. This is just a work in progress. If there is anything that interests you there then feel free to purchase. If not then that’s fine. I am here for the love of grands. Any money I make gets me that chance to do this full time that much quicker.


Check The Products


Once again check out and come join my Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/group…


Once again if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below. I would love to hear what you have to say and would love the chance to respond. I know you are all great people.

Dale Mazurek

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