How To Prevent Bullying-An Ongoing Problem

The year is 2017 and coming close to 2018 and here we are still talking about bullying in society. The sad part is that it seems to be going nowhere in a hurry. I have hopes to give you some advice today on how to stop bullying.

So many children in this great big world of ours are sadly victims of bullying. For the most part so many of these children have no clue how to firstly prevent the bullying and secondly how to make it go away.

We are the adults and it is our job to protect not only our lids but all kids when certain things are involved. So if that means taking a stand and stepping in to diffuse a situation then that is what we need to do.

It’s not like bullying has a topic pattern. The reasons for bullying are so numerous it would be crazy to try to list them all here. The scary part is that bullying in many cases can be very serious. Never the less very severe or less severs bullying should absolutely never be tolerated. We can’t let bullying carry on, we need to deal with it as quickly as possible.

You need to have a good look around and consider the possibility of your child being one of those unfortunate kids to get bullied. If you think this then you need to know there are things that can be done to make sure bullying never happens.

It’s all about being proactive as compared to being reactive. It is so much easier to prevent bullying from starting then to try to stop it after it has started. So below I am going to try to focus on a few tips on how to prevent bullying. These could go a long way in maintaining the safety of your child because bullying could be very devastating to your child and family.

Some Tips to Prevent Bullying

So where does bullying tend to happen? The answer is usually in cases where there are no adults. Like at parks, malls or walking home after school. This is why you need to remind your children to not be alone at school or other areas.

Be sure that your kids keep lots of friends and that these kids always travel together and no one leaves anyone alone. Bullies are actually weak in spirit and usually target kids that are alone.

Another thing to teach your kids is something that is easier said than done and that is to walk away from potential bullying situations. Most bullies will do what they can to get a reaction from the person they are bullying so if your child could walk away they stand a good chance at ending the bullying

Helping your children build confidence can go a long way in keeping the bullies away. Reason being is that bullies are famous for picking on other kids whose confidence might not be up where it should be. Bullies are actually intimidated by confidence in others.

Of course a bully is going to try to bully your child so as long as that first time your child stays calm and walks away then chances are high the bully is going to think twice about trying to bully that child again.

Try to teach your child not to cry or show any emotions when confronted. It is however ok to speak up in a loud voice and ask or tell the bully to stop immediately. Bullies strive to get kids scared and worked up so if your child doesn’t show fear and stays calm then chances are the bully will move on.


Confidence, confidence, confidence. You need to help your kids work on their confidence because bullies stalk other kids that have little or no confidence. A great way to work on confidence is to get them involved in activities to help them build their confidence.

If kids have things in their lives to be confident about that will carry through with them in everyday life. Since bullying is part of life even though it shouldn’t, be at least confidence will help in situations that could turn into potential bullying. The more we can do for their self-esteem the better for them. All this makes it easier for your child to walk away from potential problems.

All your child needs to do is provide good self-image for responding to bullying. Your child needs to also know that being bullied is by far not their fault. Kids hate to turn to adults but telling adults is going to get them the best results.

As a grandparent raising your grand kids there is a very good chance your grand kids will have to endure bullying at some time in their lives.

In some cases the grandchildren may already have poor self-esteem because of their situation. So as a grandparent it is even more important that you build a very trusting relationship with them. They have to be able to talk to the adults in their families.




Dale Mazurek


  1. Great post on bullying. I think it’s a rare kid who doesn’t get bullied at some point in his young life. When I was growing up, I didn’t observe very much of it, thankfully, but now with texting and Facebook it’s crazy. Just this morning on the news I heard about kids being “roasted” on their social media sites. It’s fun to watch famous people being “roasted” on TV specials but not for kids who are very impressionable. It can lead to devastating results. Thanks for posting.

    • Yes it seems bullying has become an epidemic and in this day and age it seems awareness is the best way to get through to it.  Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Hi Dale, I agree completely with keeping bullying at bay with building confidence in kids. What a great eye opener. Plus, once you start building a child’s confidence, it helps in helps in many areas of their life.

    I love your perspective on grandparents raising their grandkids, as well. I think that this is happening more and more every day and it’s great that you have suggestions on how to handle it.

    • Thank you for the kind words and for visiting.  Even these comments go a long way in creating awareness.

  3. Being a grandparent of two small children, I can honestly say what you are doing is truly wonderful. It is very difficult raising children, but raising grandchildren requires super powers! Thank goodness you and your wife were there at the right time and it is obvious how much you love your grand baby! Kudos to you and my heart goes out to you. I know that little one will always be loved and cared for. As for the bullying, I know everyone experiences some of it during their childhood but it does seem that it is getting worse. Your advice is excellent and I hope everyone will take bullying seriously and be proactive. Thanks for your insight.

    • Thank you for the kind words.  I know there are many grandparents in our situation ad that’s why I decided to start this blog.  It can become overwhelming and I want people to know there is someone trying to help.

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