Kids Living With Grandparents-My Take On It in 2019

kids living with grandparentsThe year is 2019 and kids living with grandparents’ is happening on such a viral basis that it is getting truly hard to understand what is going on.

My name is Dale and I am a grandparent raising a grand child with my wife. I started this blog just to be able to have a place to put my feelings and have something I can share with any one out there who wants to read it.

When you are reading this don’t expect this to be a numbers blog. I leave research up to the experts or other grandparents’.

For me I just like to write and talk to my readers about real life. Feel free to sit back and read this article and always feel free to make your way through my website and read other articles.

How Does It Start?

grandparents raising grandkids

Of course everyone has their own stories. Many of them are very much the same with very much different scenarios. I am however going to say that the biggest reason kids living with grandparents’ happens because of either drugs or alcohol.

Substance Abuse

The reason I lead off with that is because that’s where my story comes from. It seems like it’s almost the same song and dance all the way down the line. Drugs and alcohol are such negatives in this world where kids living with grandparents’ are becoming the norm.


Another reason is because of neglect. Way too many of our children think having babies is a Saturday night poker gig. They have no idea what is involved in raising children nor do they care to even try to figure out. Therefore the kids find themselves behind the eight ball right from day one.


Unfortunatly incarceration seems to be a big issue as well. Granted lots of times substance abuse and incarceration go hand in hand. I couldn’t imagine having to explain to my grandson that his parents are in jail. He is such a smart boy and I know something like this would kill him.

I know it isn’t always substance abuse that puts parents behind bars but Let’s face it at the end of they day they obviously decided that whatever they were doing was more important than thinking about what this could do to their children.

Mental Health

So many times for so many reasons mental health comes into play. I can’t even start to list the reasons for mental health. What I can testify to is that in many cases when it comes to mental health it really is a sickness that a lot of parents have little control over.

Quite often mental health can be helped with medication but the trick is you need to take the meds as prescribed and you can’t yo yo on them. In some cases the illness can’t even be figured out with medication. At this point the kids are far off in a better place living with their grandparents’.

From experience the unfortunate part is that mental illness rarely ever goes away. In fact in many cases if medication isn’t used properly then mental illness usually gets worse. Quite often parents with mental illness rarely are reunited with their kids.

Young Parents

While it sucks, i is happening every single day all over the world. What I am talking about is kids are becoming parents. Teenage pregnancy is so prevalent that it’s actually scary.
young parents

Kids have no problem figuring out what sex is but they have no clue what comes after that. Most of them think it’s as easy as playing with a doll and the problem is many of them still do play with dolls.

These kids just have absolutely no clue what they have coming at them when they get pregnant. It very quickly falls apart and usually it’s the grandparents’ that nee to step in to assure the well-being of the grand children.


Unfortunatly death can be a result of so many things but at the end of the day when there are kids involved they quite quickly usually end up being with their grandparents’.

Death is the ultimate end of all ends considering there is absolutely no chance of reunification at least now the kids are going to be able to move forward. Well moving forward with I’m sure a lot of issues.

Where Does That Leave Us?


It leaves us with kids living with grandparents and that seems to be coming the norm in 2019. The fact of the matter is no matter how you want to think about it there are 1000s of grandparents’ saving their grand kids from terrible lives.

We all know that as grandparents’ this is not what we signed up for but at the end of the day it was a no brainer for us.

For some of us our health isn’t great and that makes things more difficult but on the flip side chasing kids does help keep us younger. At least I know it does for me and my wife.

I know many of us have given up so much financially to be able to raise our grand kids but that’s just the way it is.

For others, we had to go out and find a way to enhance our income because we just didn’t budget to be raising kids again. In my case I learned to make extra income from working online.

We Will Always Be Grandparents

I know I can’t speak for everyone but at the end of the day no matter what I am still a grandparent. So often we have to act like parents but I make sure I sneak in the grandparents’ role as well.

There is a not much of a better feeling than getting to meet your grandchild. We all have our own kids obviously but the bond between a grand child is much different.

So please no matter how things go in your relationship try to make sure you allow yourself some time to be a grandparent.

Who Am I?

kids living with granddparentsMy name is Dale and with my wife I am a grandfather raising our grandson. He is 7 and we have been raising him since he has been one so yes we are an authority on the subject of kids living with grandparents’.

I run a successful blog being just a person. I don’t do a lot of tech or stats but just a lot of real life. I also run a very successful closed Facebook group of which I will leave a link to at the bottom of this article.

Also below you will see some links to some of the other popular pages on my blog that you might like reading.

One last thing is below you will find a place to leave comments, suggestions or advice. Please feel free to leave them there and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I am never far away from my website.

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  1. Hello Dale,

    Definitely, as grandparents you did not expect to raise your grandchild but I must commend you because you’re doing a great job.

    The problem now is a lot of parents did not actually plan on having children before getting married. And those who did, did not prepare themselves mentally and emotionally for the task. Everyone can see that the lives of parent’s in days like this have become so busy that most really don’t have time for a child.

    Your children are really lucky to have a grandpa like you who is willing to carry the burden of parenting again.

    Cheers to a great grandpa

    • Thank you for those kind words.  In our case it had to do a lot with drugs but thats neither here nor theer.  His father has come a long way and things move forward.


  2. Living with grandparents wasn’t a big issue until they started getting on your nerves. I love my grandpa and have the chance of being with the old man before he died. He’s a very good buddy, am proud to call him that, very supportive in ugly times, I can literally say the man always got my back. That was before he started suffering from memory loss. I miss him all the way. 

    • Everyone has a different story.  Im glad you had a good relationship with your Grampa


  3. Hi Dale Mazurek,

    I have read the full content of your article and understood that this is a perfect knowledge of real life experience which is not told by others. Now a days, it is really a common issue that people are getting separate with their parents and grand parents after marriage. I have same opinion and agreed with you that kids are more cared and guided by their grand parents when parents are busy with their daily jobs. Thanks for writing this important issue through your article.

    • You are very welcome.   I hope you take the time to read many of my other articles.


  4. In as much i love this post, I can only agreed with few of the point raise on why loves kids staying with there grandpa. Not every time it broad down to those scenario. I was brought up by my grandparents, and thee was no iota of intractable act in me. Rather, i was taught value, smart and hard work. I totally agree with you on the point of teenage pregnancy because they don’t know what behind and problem after childbirth. That’s the reason why most of the grandparent always decides to take the kids from them just to help them raise the kids in reality of life.

    • Thats why we live in a free world.  We are all entitled to opinions.  I know what I live and what I see every single day.


  5. Hi,

    I have read the whole review about kids leaving with grandparents.This is really an amazing story that you shared with us.I like this story so much.I will share this story with my family and my friends.I believed they will also like this story.Thanks for sharing this wonderful story with us.

    • Its a lot more than just a story.  It is actually a reality.  Thank you for the kind words.

  6. Hey Dale, I can’t tell you how your story fits in with my friend and her husband.It’s the exact same story as yours.

    Neglect, substance abuse, incarceration, mental health and all.They are going through all of this with their daughter.

    So I see them raising their granddaughter and it’s such stress they go through but not even because of raising a now 12 year old but because of her mother.She’s an amazing kid to be going through this I have to say. She is a brilliant girl and adapting to the situation very well in my opinion.

    I give you credit Dale as I give my friend credit as well because it’s a tough situation but I know one that you wouldn’t trade for the world.Would you do it again if you had the choice to?

    • Thank you for leaving a great comment and thank you for the encoraging words.  Some days are very difficult but at the end of the day I wouldnt change anything.


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