Living With Your Grandparents-Dont Take Advantage Of It

It’s 2018 and like it or not living with your grandparents is a fact of life more than you will ever realize it. Unfortunately more and more kids are having to live with their grand kids. Almost always it is never by choice or design.


Most of all it is a result of birth parents being addicted to drugs and not being able to take care of their own kids. It’s a matter of letting the children get into the system and staying there or stepping up to the plate and taking care of your family. I’m sure for most people it’s a no brainer.


Now, one thing I do want to make clear is while most cases of grandparents raising grand kids is related to drug or alcohol use there are cases where the kids lose their parents to disease like cancer or in accidents like a Motor vehicle accident.


It’s A Life That Has To Be


The fact of the matter is there isn’t a lot of choice. The kids are just kids. Many of them still to small to even know what is going on.


At the end of the day things are the way they have to be. Of course no one ever plans for these things to happen.


We are not looking at a few cases. We are looking at millions of kids in North America alone that end up living with their grandparents. This is not a life that anyone ever asked for but now a life that has to be. The good news is being with family is better than the alternative. The alternative is ending up in the system and never being seen again.


No One Asked For This


Whether you are one or 17. Whether you are a grandparent or a grandchild we all know that not one of us asked for things to be the way they have turned out. But time to get over it because this is the way things are going to be. For some of us it will be a short journey and for most of us it will be a life long journey.


The world can be a funny place. The way things happen just at times doesn’t seem fair. But Let’s face it, life isn’t fair It’s easy to get mad it’s easy to lay blame. It’s easy to yell and scream but at some point no matter how you might feel justified in all these reactions you do need to find way to move on.


You are no good to anyone if you are constantly bitter and looking for revenge just for la lack of better words. You will be much better for your grandchildren if you just take a step forward and move on. Plus it will help you turn that frown into a smile.

You Need To Work Together


Anyone who is raising a grandchild knows how difficult things can be when it comes to going head-to-head with the grandchildren. I haven’t heard of too many of the grandchildren who don’t go through a very bitter stage in the world of us raising our grand kids.


What will make life much easier for everyone involved is both parties putting in the effort to work together. That means that there has to be give and take from both old young and old.


It’s easy to get lost in the battles to see who is going to win the battles. I always say that we have to pick our battles. That means sometimes I let myself lose so that in the future the bigger battles won’t even happen. To me that’s a simple strategy and very doable.


You will even notice that at the end of the day if you give a little you will end up with a lot in return. Do me a favor and give it a try and at some point leave me a comment to see how things have turned around. In saying all of this it brings me quite nicely to my next topic in this article.


Take Time To Breathe


I say to take time to breath and I really mean it. While this can be very overwhelming for the children it can be just as bad if not worse for us adults.


Most kids don’t keep anything in. In fact they say things the way they are and we walk around quite often with a pretend smile just because we want things to stay good. Now I am not saying all we do is fake our ways through life. What I am saying is quite often we do what ever it takes to keep peace in the world.


Doing all of that takes a lot of effort so at some point we need to take a long deep breath and remember we are human as well and one way or another we need a break as well. It’s okay to take a break and smell the roses.


What’s even more important is that it is okay to ask for help if we need it and honestly I don’t know too many people who really couldn’t use some help.


Who Am I To Comment


My name is Dale and along with my wife we are raising our grandson who is soon to be 7. We have been raising him since he was one year old.


Many people know me as Grampadale because I sort have made it my mission to help as many grandparents as possible with advice, knowledge and kind words.


I am forever working on this website/blog and I have a successful Facebook group that is a closed group so that members can feel safe and they can say things or ask things that they normally wouldn’t be able to ask in an open group. I will post a link at the end of this article.


So now you know a little about me and who I am. Feel free to ask to join the group if you are a grandparent raising a grandchild and are looking for a safe place to hang out.

You can also check out my products page.  I will always be adding to it as time goes on. Something you like then feel free to get it.  If not thats okay, just enjoy the site.  Checkout products page


Also, as usual if you have any questions, comments or suggestions on topics feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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