Living With Your Grandparents-Why Does It Happen?

There are so many reasons why you kid might be living with your grandparents. A lot of those reasons may be par for the course but there are a few that aren’t because of any happy reasons.
In so many ways’ life isn’t fair and for many kids it will be a long time before it gets anything close to fair again.
In this article I want to try to explain things from the eyes of a 6-year old whose life has been turned upside down and even though he has people who love him things are still very difficult for him.

A lot of people in society are quick to see him as a bad boy but in no shape, way or form is that now the case or has it ever been.

The Beginning

Hi there, I am a 6 yr old who is going to tell you my story of how I ended up living with my grandparents (gigi and baba in Ukrainian).

I was born May 13, 2011. At that point my dad wasn’t in my life. My mom was a beautiful lady who I know loved me a lot but ended up having some problems in life.

She did and does love me but at that point she just wasn’t ready to be a mommy. She had trouble with the police and had problems with taking drugs.
My mom tried very hard but just couldn’t do things like a mommy should. Mom was great at cuddling and loved giving me kisses but it just seems she couldn’t figure things out. For some reason the police were always talking to her about things.

A Very Sad Day

A lot of things had been happening. I know she loved me but she was always to busy to feed me properly, bathe me and put me to bed at proper times.

I ended up eating a lot of granola bars, drinking a lot of apple juice and sleeping so much in my car seat as mom drove around very late at night,

Me and my mommy were getting ready to move into a place that wasn’t very nice. The day we were getting ready to move a nice lady came to talk to my mom and me to see the place where we were moving. I think mom thought everything was OK but later that day we found out they weren’t so great.

Later on that afternoon the lady showed up again with a police man and took me away from my mommy. I was scared and my mommy was yelling and crying.

I was put into a strange car and taken away to have a sleep over at someones house that I had never seen before. Even though things weren’t very good I was very scared because I loved my mommy and didn’t know when I would see her again.

The Following Months

So even though I loved my mommy the lady that took me away from her said I would have to wait awhile before I could go back and live with her. She said my mommy was in trouble and she was sick so she need to fix things first.

She said mommy had to learn how to be a good mommy. She had to learn to feed me properly and give me proper bed times and all the other things that a little boy my age needed.

So she told me while I was waiting for mommy to get better that I would go live with a very nice family called a foster family. They were supposed to take care of me until mommy was ready or until other arrangements were made.

While I did miss my mommy the lady was right the foster family was super nice. What was really great was that my Baba and Gigi would come and visit me and take me home with them on weekends. I loved spending time with them.

Baba And Gigi Forever

So while I was living with the great foster family my Baba and Gigi were going to school to learn how they could get me to come live with them. That was very exciting.

Of course, I still loved mommy and would have loved to go home with her she was still fixing things in her life so it would have to wait a little longer. But that’s OK, I love my Baba and Gigi.

So after a few months Baba and Gigi finished doing the learning they needed and I got to leave my foster parents and go to my Baba and Gigis home. Please don’t think I didn’t like the foster family that took care of me. They were very nice to me and had a lot of toys. But this was Baba and Gigi. There would be no better place to hang out while waiting for mommy to get better.

So when I got there so much had changed. I had my own bedroom and it was all for me and it had lots and lots of toys.

So I was at Babas and Gigis for a long time and my mommy wasn’t getting any better so it turned out that a nice judge said I would be living with baba and Gigi forever. He said if mommy ever got better it would be up to Baba and Gigi to decide if she could come visit.

I guess I should also tell you about my daddy. He too loves me very much but he decided that he wouldn’t be very good at taking care of me so he decided to let his mommy and daddy do it. And yes his mommy and daddy are my baba and gigi.

What Has Happened Since?

Hello to everyone reading about my life. Now I am going to tell you a little about the last few years of my life. I am now 6 years old and in grade one. I loved kindergarten last year but now its time for big boy school.

I am still living with Baba and Gigi and they are so so good to me. Of course sometimes they get angry if I don’t listen but that’s OK.

I still don’t see my mom because she doesn’t get better. Oh well my baba is like my mom. I have to take some medicine every day because my little brain gets mixed up and does things it shouldn’t. But the medicine helps.

I am in Ukrainian dancing and that is so much fun.

I do have a little good news to share with everyone though. I have been spending more time with my Daddy. He spends quite a bit of time with me on the weekends and some days he even picks me up from school. Daddy is so nice to me.

So for now that is my little story about living with your grandparents.

A Word From Baba And Gigi

So I would just like everyone to know that is a brief story about how our grandson came to live with us. Of course there is a lot more to the story which you can find here . The thing is I sometimes wonder what his little mind is thinking when he is staring off into space.

So get the entire story by clicking on Living with your grandparents
If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you as quick as possible.

Grandpa Dale

Dale Mazurek


  1. I just read your article and story, Living With Your Grandparents-Why Does It Happen?
    This is a subject that is close to my heart as I to was bounced around a little during my youth.
    It can be a tough path.
    All you can do is keep moving forward and trust in yourself.
    Great read, Thanks,

  2. The two grandsons I adopted as toddlers never had to go hungry as they have always had me around. Mental illness was the demon here. Thank you for being there for your grandson

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