Many Grandparents Are Raising Grandchildren-Common Challenges

Grandparents are raising grandchildren all over the world. Its not like this just started happening today but what is different today is that the challenges are entirely different. Also they are very different from when you were raising your own children.



I am sure I don’t have to tell you that you are not the same person that you were 20 or 30 years ago. Of course you had more stride in your step back than. That equaled way more energy. You can try pretending but believe me when I tell you that will catch up to you as well.



The one thing you can’t stop is your age. Raising your grand kids will at times make you feel younger but in the same breath by the end of the day some days you could very well feel much older as well. You also didn’t expect to be a parent for a new generation.



The fact of the matter is we may feel young or feel old but all we need to know is that we can still do a great job when it comes to raising our grand kids. Hell there is a great chance that we may even for a better job than their own parents.



I am not writing this from information I find on the internet but rather I am a grandparent who is raising my grandson. So when I talk about things I absolutely know what I am talking about. Below I want to explain to you some hardships and challenges that come along with raising your grandchildren.



Finances Can Be Tough




Of course when you became a grandparent it was such a happy moment and you planned on spending money and spoiling that child. The fact of the matter this will be a lot more than just spoiling. You may still be employed or you may be retired. Either way this is going to throw a real crimp into your plans.



So many people pay child expenses without even realizing how much of an impact it has on the bottom line. Well let me assure you now that you are living on a fixed income you are going to see the bottom dropping out of the bottom line. Your budget will be going right out the window.



You may even have to look at ways to make extra money. Actually chances are not that you may have to look for ways to make money but actually will have to find ways. Of course only you know what avenues you want to take or must take.



You do have options. You can go back to the rat race of what you were doing before. You can go work someplace that is a lot lower key. You can even learn to make money online if that is something that interests you. Bottom line at the end of the day you will overcome the financial hardships and you will do that for all the right reasons.



Need To Watch Your Health



As we talked about a bit earlier we aren’t as young as we used to be and chances are we aren’t as healthy as we used to be as well. Now more than ever it is time you work hard at staying healthy and active.



RecentlyI was diagnosed with diabetes (see my website about diabetes here). I had to make great changes in the attempt to stay healthy to make sure I would be around to raise my grandson.



I have totally had to change everything including the things I do and the exercises I do. I never had to worry about getting off the couch because we all know that with raising our grand kids we don’t often get couch time.



You need to put staying healthy and active into your daily routine. Keeping up isn’t an option but rather a must at this point.



Remember even if it feels like it you are never alone out there. All you can do is go one day at a time and at the end of the day everything will work out.



Birth Parents Can Be Difficult



The thing about dealing with the parents of your grand kids is almost always nothing is ever their fault. At least that’s what they believe and that’s what they tell everyone. They are quick to get on Social media and anywhere else and blame everyone except themselves.



Of course, I have no doubt that that situations like this are hard on them as well. The biggest problem is they don’t know how to take responsibility and move on forward to get better. Chances are high that drugs and finances are at the top of the list when the grandparents end up not being able to raise their kids.



The crappy part about everything that happens between grandparents and birth parents is that it almost always ends bad for the relationship.



Its not easy but you need to justify things by knowing that the adults are old enough to make decisions and if they so decide to make the wrong decisions that is why you are there for the grand babies. All you can do is hope that in the future the relationship can be rebuilt.



At the end of the day whether we like it or not our focus needs to be on the grand kids, there safety, well-being and what’s best for them.



School Work Is Another Issue



So much has changed in the education scene since our kids were going to school. Heck now I have to go to a website to see how my grandson is doing in school.



I book parent teacher interviews online, I work with him and his home work online, we read online and for God’s sake he is only in grade one.



I’m glad we are starting young with him because there is a good chance I may be able to help him when he gets to his higher grades. I am not one to halt education and so forth.



Its just that it feels like I have to learn all over again before I can be any help. Teaching is so much different these days. The good thing is in most cases the teachers are also willing to help us as adults to make sure we can be up to snuff when it comes to helping our grand kids with their schooling.



Life Is A Challenge



Many grandparents are raising grandchildren and many of us face new challenges each and every day, It is always OK to ask for advice and it is OK to give advice.



My name is Dale and most here call me Grandpa Dale



I am a 50 year old grandfather who has custody of my 6 year old grandson. It has been a journey for the last 5 years. Everything is much settled down now so now I strive to help others when I can.



I help by writing and listening. I recently started a new website. I have plans for this site. I want every single grandparent who is raising a grandchild to be a follower. I also want to post any ones story who would like me to.



So for now, Grandpa Dale signing off.


Grandpa Dale



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Dale Mazurek


  1. We have adopted ours. He has autism and other disabilities. We have had him 5 years
    He will be 7 , November 1st. It’s been one of the worst and best experiences of our lives. God has never given us a greater teacher.

  2. The elderly play an important part in the society without them there is a gap that cant be filled. Thank you for writing this.

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