Raising Your Grand kids-Some Important Tips

Raising Your grand kids

I applaud all of you who are raising your grand kids. Considering how high the numbers have become there are so many grandparents out there who have done the only thing there is. Considering between Canada and United States over 3 million households are households where grandparents are raising grandchildren. Yesterdays generation is attempting to do a bang up job of raising today’s generation. Lets be honest here, for most grandparents are there really any other options. We all know we don’t want the kids getting lost somewhere in the system. What is even worse is there is no way we want to take a chance that we would never see our grand kids again. It is okay to look around and look for some help. There are so many things to look at and consider when you take on this great responsibility. Below are a few tips to ponder.

Tips To Consider

This is all new to you. In some cases you may even feel overwhelmed. One day you are planning retirement and the next day you are planning on raising your grand kids likely into their adult years. You don’t need to feel like you are alone because you are not. Feel free to have a look around and see that there is help out there. For know have a look below to see if any of these tips will help you.

  • If at all possible you should do what it takes to show people and your grand children that you are serious. You need to get the legal stuff out of the way. It’s important that the grandchildren see that you are in this for the long haul. In one way or another they have already been abandoned and they absolutely don’t want that to happen anymore. A very positive way to show them this is by becoming legal guardians and getting legal rights and custody.
  • Of course money is going to be an issue. Obviously there are some people out there who are very well off and raising their grand kids won’t make a difference. Unfortunately this is not the case for most. You have set yourself up for retirement but we both know that didn’t include raising your grand children. its very important that you get a hold of your government agencies to see what kind of help is out there. One thing for sure is there are a lot of grants and so forth. Factors in your life will help you find out if you qualify. One thing we know is it won’t hurt to try.
  • Of course this is going to be a lot for you to take in. So think about what this will do to the kids when they come to live with you. It is important not to just have a home that is secure but it is also very important that the child or children have their own space in the home. So of course the best thing would be making sure they have their own bedroom. Someplace they can think, hang out or just crash.
  • The next important thing you must do is not only get your grandchild registered for school but you need to have a meeting with everyone in the school who will be involved in your grandchilds schooling. Everyone there needs to know the story. They need to know who can and can’t pick your grandchild from school. However most importantly the school needs to know if there are any conditions or behaviors that will need to be considered when teachers are teaching and children are learning.
  • Of course something that is very important is getting the entire medical history of your grandchild. You will need this for immunizations, Dr visits, school and so forth. You may have custody know but you very much might not know if your grandchild history has something that may affect their future.
  • Ok, so up until know we have been talking about the grandchildren. Well know its time to talk about you for a while. You are getting thrown into something you may think you know all about but Let’s face facts kids from today are much different than from when you were raising your kids. Kids today can be very exhausting. Also remember you are much older know than when you were raising your kids. You have to commit to taking care of yourself because you are going to need a lot of energy if you plan on keeping up to your grandchildren.
  • Another greatly important part of raising your grand kids is you needing to stay strong. This doesn’t mean lifting weights and going to the gym. Emotionally and mentally is more what you need to consider. Inside you have to understand these kids will always need you. They need a hug, kisses, food, clothing, schooling, activities, friends and so much more. So what I’m saying is you need to not just be there but you need to be there for them and be part of their lives.

Raising your grand kids have unfortunately become more of the norm these days. It’s very important that grandparents and grandchildren work together to build a close, trusting and loving relationship. It’s all about building memories and making sure the kids never think they are a burden but rather a great big blessing.

About My Journey

I’m Grandpa Dale and I write this website because my wife and I have been raising our grandson for almost 5 years know. We understand the blessings and all the trials and tribulations. Feel free to have a look around my site and please feel free to leave comments.

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