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When grandparents end up raising their children’s kids it could be for several different reasons.  In most places it is called kinship when children are raised by grandparents.  Some people call them kinship care givers and some call them kinship parents.  Either way at the end of the day it means the same thing.  It’s just what you feel better calling them.

Why Is This Happening

When grandparents end up caring for their grandkids full time in lots of cases it is because one or both parents have ended up dyeing in one way or another.  Maybe the child or children just needed a clean slate.  Many times the children have been bullied or something like that and they just needed to get away from that situation.  However there is a very big reason why grandparents end up raising their grandkids.  That reason usually involves drugs or alcohol.  So much drug or alcohol abuse ends up resulting in major neglect of their kids.  Because of the drug or alcohol abuse many parents end up sick, on the streets, or in jail.  Of course this makes it impossible to take care of their children.

Can You Believe These Numbers

The numbers of grandparents raising their grandchildren are staggering.  In the United States it is somewhere around 2.9 million households and in Canada around 850 000 households.  Unfortunately the numbers are rising greatly every year.  Something to remember is this is just grandparents we are talking about.  For most grandparents taking on this responsibility doesn’t come without hard falls.  Many grandparents have to stay working, go back to work or dip deeply into their retirement funds.  All the numbers indicate that many of these grandparents are just barely making it from month to month.

As grandparents getting into kinship parenting it may come at a big cost in more factors than one.  Mentally they may have not been ready because they didn’t have time to think or plan.  One day they woke up and just like that they needed to learn everything about kids again.  Everything from diapers, immunization, safety, foods and so forth.  There are hundreds of issues that need to be looked at almost immediately after becoming a granfamily.

Everything You Will Eventually Need

The website you are reading is being built by a grandparent who wants to help other grandparents who are raising their grandkids.  I hope to help educate and be educated and hope to be able to find and list resources that are there to help.  This help will not only be to be better kinship parents but also to be able to take care of you.

Many grandparents didn’t just end up raising their grandkids, but they ended up raising children with issues.  These issues could be mental, physical and so forth.  So this again throws another wrench into everything.  Now they need specialists, Drs, medical equipment.  Of course all of this costs money which we all know wasn’t in the retirement budget.

As a grandparent who is raising a grandchild I know not one single one of you are looking for a pat on the back.  You did what you knew you had to do.

While this website is just brand new I eventually am looking to make sure I can help in any way I can.  I will be providing advice.  Remember I am not a lawyer so it will just be advice.  I will never give legal advice.  I do however plan on providing several links that will be meant to help you out.  I will take my time in putting these links up because if I will be recommending something I want to make sure it is the best it can be.

The information will not just be advice on grandparents raising their grandchildren but it will also be about you.  This can be a very stressful situation and you need to learn to take care of yourselves whether it be mentally, physically or financially. You will have to learn to change things in your life, eat differently, take care of your health, and rearrange your goals and so much more.

My name is Grandpa Dale.  Feel free to look around the site.  If you see something you like take a better look.  Feel free to leave comments and advice.

I look forward to hearing form all of you.




  1. Hey there

    I absolutely commend you on raising your grandson! It must not be easy being put in a situation where you could never possibly say no!

    Having a 6 year old would be a challenge at times and I am sure your loving it!

    I am sure that your grandson is in the best possible place! Family is always a better choice for raising a child then being adopted out!

    I am sure that this site will be a great reference for other grandparents in your situation!

    Wishing you and your family nothing but the best for the future!


    • Thank you for the kind words Hailey.  I know now I sure wouldnt change a thing.  Yes some days can be challenging but more so then not most days are very rewarding. 

      Grandpa Dale

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