Staying Young

Grandparent Of Yester Years

Do you remember the days when grandparents portrayed a certain image. For a lack of better words that image was old. Of course there are still grandparents that seem to be old and are old. However now that grandparents are raising grandchildren it is a must that they stay young. Don’t get me wrong. It is no ones intention to get old. At the end of the day you are heading there no matter what you do.

We have worked hard all our lives when work really was hard. When we chopped wood it wasn’t with a splitter, but rather with an axe. When we hauled water it wasn’t with a truck but rather with our arms. I think you are getting the picture. So it’s not so much that people got or get old, they get worn out.

Now don’t get me wrong. Many grandparents these days have taken up a much healthier lifestyle in order to stay healthier and live a much longer life. They eat right, sleep right, get lots of exercise and all in all just enjoy life much later in life.

The Best way To Stay Young

Have you ever had the pleasure of trying to keep up to a 6-year-old boy with ADHD. I don’t mean for an hour but I mean for every waking hour of every day. Many grandparents get to experience this for a short period. Then they can either take the child back to their home or they can leave and go home.

Well for a very large number of grandparents home is where the grandchild is. The numbers of grandparents raising their grand kids is raising every year and by a lot.

So when this happens the grandparents need to have an entire new outlook on life. It’s not about them anymore. It’s always about the grand child or grand children. If the grand kids want to run you run, if they want to play you will play and pretty much anything else then you will be there as much as you can.

Everyday life is busy enough. Just getting them up for school, getting them to school, picking them up after school, helping with homework, helping with chores, feeding them supper, getting them showered and ready for bed and finally reading a story and tucking them in. Yep that is a basic day and if that doesn’t sound exhausting lets add a few wrinkles into the day.

So on top of everything else what happens when your grandchild wants to play hockey, baseball, soccer or any other sport. Then they may want to join dance. Oh yes then there are Christmas parties, birthday parties, track and field days, swimming and so much more. I’m pretty sure you are getting the picture.

This can be exhausting for normal age parents, never mind a couple of adults who had been looking forward to laying in the sun and drinking drinks with umbrellas in them.

So no matter what stage of life you are in as a grandparent you can be sure it just got a lot more exhausting and difficult.

It’s All About The Kids

At the end of the day it could be a number of reasons that brought you and your grand kids together. You know you did it from the heart and you know you would do it all over again in a heart beat. You also know and understand that you need to do whatever it takes to keep up to these speed demons.

Of course if you are entirely fit and ready for the world you may choose to try to keep up all on your own. However, there are some other options as well.

  1. Could hire a part-time play nanny
  2. Make sure your grandchild gets involved in play dates
  3. Have some other family members give you a hand by sharing some playtime
  4. Of course there is daycare
  5. There are play and education groups
  6. Also, much more

Of course some of these will require extra funding. Some of you may have it and some may not. In most states and provinces there are certain amounts of funding you can apply for and are entitled to. The best place to find these are to inquire through your local social services office.

However, at the end of the day if you can’t afford it you only do what you can. Many of your options do not require money and some only require small amounts.

It’s All About Everyone

If you continue to look at everything with a positive attitude this can be a win for everyone involved. Of course you are going to try to keep up to your grand kids. I’m sure you had an idea of what you were getting into when you stepped forward to care for these beautiful kids. You have already proven you would do anything for them. you have proven in mo way are you selfish.

All you can do is what you can do. Yes you try to keep up to them the best you can. However all the little things count. watching a favorite tv show with them, reading a book with them, playing a game with them, having fun talks and so forth. Be sure to tell them how much you love them. Be sure to give lots of hugs.

Your time likely will not be short with your grand kids. They will grow up with you and once they are old enough to understand they will realize how unselfish you were by giving up your retirement years to keep them safe. There will be no resentment.

So, yes grandparents will be staying young which is a bonus for everyone involved. So go enjoy all the activities you can with your Grandchildren and enjoy every day to its fullest.


  1. I do agree, there are more grandparents out there raising their grandkids. I believe that these grandparents are put into a lifestyle they have already lived and really do have huge hearts for taking on the job again.

    My mom, whom is a very active grandmother, does many things to try to stay young, like Samba (is that what it’s called?) and has had a hand in raising kids when she was past that part of her life. What other suggestions do you have that might help her stay young?

    • Staying young I believe is just as much mental as physical.  So as long as she has a good attitude and doesn’t look at herself as old, then that is half the battle.

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