Warning Signs Of Drug Abuse And Addiction-We Cant Stay Silent

There are so many signs of drug abuse. Some are very clear and some not so much. The fact of the matter is that it is time to stop being silent. I do that by writing in my website and trying to get as many people to see it as possible.

My wife and I are grandparents raising our grandson who directly and indirectly has been affected by drugs. Tonight in a meltdown I decided it was time to start focusing on things like addiction. In my world it is mostly in the grandparents raising grandkid’s realm but we all know drug addiction hits so many of us and its time we all started fighting back.

So I hope everyone will take the time to read this post and some future ones that will be coming to this site. Like I said I know I have had enough and I’m hoping while I am one person I can at least start a small chain reaction that can help as many people as possible.

Many of my posts will be directed to my friends who are grandparents also raising grandkid’s but at the end of the day drug addiction is drug addiction so anyone can feel free to get involved and have a say and a helping hand.


Big Question-What Is Addiction?


Well since this is my first post on drugs and addiction I decided to start right at the beginning and work my way up to bigger challenges as we go.

Well here goes nothing. Hope I can live up to this project I am about to embark on.

When you feel the need to have to continue using some sort of substance whether it be physical or psychological and no matter what damage it is doing and whatever effects it is having.

Of course something to keep in mind is that not everyone will show all the signs and symptoms and some people will only show some signs. The fact of the matter is that with each and every single drug addiction there will be enough signs to make you take notice.

When this happens it is time to take notice and start dealing with how you are going to get help for the person addicted. I know its easier said than done but once you are sure you can’t turn a blind eye. Too many people have too much to lose.

You may even recognize some of these symptoms on yourself if you might be the one becoming addicted.
If this is the case for yourself or someone close to you may strongly want to consider getting some help from a local drug rehab center, AADAC, clinic, hospital or even your church. But no matter where doesn’t matter, getting the help does.


10 Most Common Warning Signs Of Drug Abuse


  • You may find this hard to believe but actually pay attention to the things people are eating and craving. If you start to see a pattern when it comes to cravings you might be on to something that is actually brought on by addiction.
  • Watch for changes in peoples mental state. Dependency makes people really edgy and even angry when substances are coming out of the body. Do this may be in between fixes or hits or what ever you want to call them.
  • Once people who are using start to develop tolerance and get fewer effects than they used to. What this means is the user will start to need more and more to get the same feelings as the first time. It’s called always chasing the first high.
  • When a person is either trying to get off drugs voluntarily or because they can’t get drugs they go into withdrawal mode. You will either see these or if you are a user you may feel these yourself.
  • When a person is addicted to drugs they will usually go through anything to get more drugs to keep following the high. When I say anything that means poor sexual decisions, stealing, lying and even selling drugs to maintain a habit. These habits can get the addict a direct route to jail and to the bottom.
  • Finding drugs is always on your mind. You spend every waking hour and all your energy trying to get your hands on more drugs to feed your habit.
  • Very large amounts of money are spent when you are trying to maintain a drug habit. Budgets are blown, bank accounts are drained and believe me when I say this is one of the biggest signs of drug abuse.
  • When all people can think about is getting their drugs. The forget about obligations or responsibilities and only have one thing on their minds.
  • Many times the people that they are hanging out with are not so desirable. Many times they may be hanging out with other drug users. Of course this isn’t going to lead to making wise decisions but sadly just to making more and more unhealthy decisions.
  • Another of the big signs is when the addict starts to keep to themselves. We know they are hiding something but they do their best to not let us know. You are going to start noticing things like anxiety, anger, depression and even paranoia. Sadly all this is a direct result of the drug use.


Some Treatment Options When It Comes To Being Addicted



When people are having problems with addiction struggles the biggest thing is denial. Rarely do they want to admit to having a problem. For many thinking of treatment they usually have second thoughts for several reasons.


Some of those reasons might be a fear of a lack of support, fear of how much treatment will cost or just plain old simple fear.

When the fears are diminished and decisions are ready to be made one big decision will be whether treatments will be inpatient or out patient

When you enter treatment as an out patient the biggest thing is you have to be very responsible. The reason for this is that you are free to come and go. The reason for outpatient is you can still deal with all your every day duties and still be in treatment.

When it comes to being an outpatient there are several levels of degree that are similar to the ones that you would go through as an inpatient.


  • You will go through a period of having to detoxify
  • Managing medications are a must
  • Will have to attend group meetings
  • Will have one-on-one meetings
  • Have to educate on relapsing
  • Need to continue support even after treatment.


Inpatient treatment is quite different and can also be called residential treatment. When you step into this sort of treatment you will be admitted and you will live at a treatment center for a predetermined amount of time.
One of the biggest reasons for in-patient is to get away from temptations and people that you shouldn’t be hanging out with. it helps to keep the distractions out of your life while you are trying to get clean.

You will have very close supervision for all your medical needs and will have all the medical care needed. You will be at a place where it will be easier to deal with your struggles. Some things you will have are listed below.



  • A safe place for your recovery
  • Support of others who have been there and are going to be there
  • All your detox will be supervised
  • Your treatment can be assisted medically
  • group and one-on-one sessions for therapy
  • You will have activities like swimming, exercise, yoga
  • supervised outings when earned
  • family visits and therapy with families


It’s a fact that most people are not going to ask for the help that they need. In fact they likey won’t even admit they have a problem. We can see that warning signs of drug abuse but the abusers don’t see them.

Many times it will have to be the loved ones to step in to do what ever it takes to get their loved ones the help they need. By knowing what to look for it gives you a bit of a better chance to be able to help them with their drug addiction before things get too bad. Even if they get to the point of being a disaster we can still fight to help them.

At the end of the day someone needs to want the help to have the help work. Of course we never want to give up on our loved ones but being in the unique group of a grandparent raising a grand child sometimes tough decisions need to be made. My tough decisions will always be made with the thought of my grandsons safety first.

Well first off I want to say thank you to all my readers. This is just the first of a series of posts I will be writing on drugs, abuse of drugs, different drugs and different effects. I know for many these posts will be a tough read. I hope to be able to give even the smallest amount of help and of course would love to give the biggest amount.


I do want all the readers to know and understand this is just the beginning.  The posts will hit home for many of us and the posts are going to get tougher.  But these words need to be heard and hopefully we can help.


Who Am I?


My name is Dale and on this website I am known as Grandpa Dale. My wife and I have been raising our grandson since he was 1,5 years old and is six now. We are raising him as a direct result of drugs.

As usual feel free to ask questions or leave comments below and I will get back to you as quick as possible.


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