What Is A Grandpa-A Little About Grandpa Dale

My name is Dale, some know me as Grandpa Dale and hopefully in time many will know me as Grandpa Dale. Of course I am a Grandpa or GIGI in Ukrainian. As a grandpa we are raising our 6 year old grandson and have been since he was 1.5. However this time the story isn’t about him. (You can find the full story here). This time the story is about me.


In my website and on my Facebook pages I expect people to trust me so I should be open and show them who I am. Life has been a bit crazy for me as I’m sure it has been for many of you. However at the end of the day I wouldn’t change a thing.
So I am just going to write from my heart and say it the way it is. There is no sense hiding anything or doing anything to betray anyone s trust because I plan on being around for a very long time. Can only do that with the help of my readers and so forth.


What To Expect


So, what can you expect from Grandpa Dale? Well let me answer that for you. From me you will always get a straight shooter. You get someone who writes from the heart and actually isn’t a fan of writing about statistics.


Yes statistics are needed at time but a good heart, honesty and a friend is often more important. I like to write for the moment. I like to write about what I am feeling.
You can expect to see my website updated as much as I can. You will see me being active on my Facebook group and any others I am involved with. I have no doubt there is room for all of us. In fact I enjoy hanging out on the other groups because I meet great people there.


You are going to see that I am very easy to get along with and I like to have fun. You have someone here who wants to be around to help everyone and be there for everyone. I know it’s not possible but that’s why I write and that’s why I have a website. Words can get to millions of people.


So Who Is This Grandpa Dale Guy?


OK, this might get boring but it’s part of the story. I won’t bore you with a lot of the stuff. Will just try and mention the important and highlight events in my life.


So almost 30 years ago I got married to a beautiful woman who I am still married to. There were a few bumps in the road but will talk about that in a bit. Together we had three great boys. One who is the father of the grandson we are raising. Early in our marriage I did some construction and a series of dead end jobs until I embarked upon a 26-year career in the oil patch.


Just like anything life threw a bunch of curve balls at us. There was serious accidents in the family, death, addiction, separation, job losses, moves and then our grandson. I am sure I don’t need to go into deep details because our story is just like millions others out there except for a name change and different dates here and there.


So 4 years ago when the price of oil plummeted so did my job and career. Not gonna lie, at the end of the day it kind of worked out OK. Yes there are things I miss about the oil patch but I certainly have a lot of things I don’t miss.


I was lucky I ended up getting a job with the Federal Government and hope this will be my final career in life. I also do some internet marketing online. So between both I can say things are going to be OK financially.


Where Do I Want This To Go?


I do have a vision. I want my website to eventually be seen by millions. I want Grandpa Dale to be a household name, I want these groups to be big, I mean thousands and maybe even millions.
But I want this to be big for all the right reasons. I want us all to get laws changed. I want to get a list of lawyers and reps who can help us at reasonable and free costs. I want the law makers to worry less about parents and more about the


I want grandparents to be recognized. I don’t mean pats on the backs and high fives. I mean we need the laws to go in their favor. We need money for the grandparents who need it.


And believe it or not I just want a place where us Grandparents can chat. Someplace where we can talk strategy. However most of all I want a place we can go and actually smile for a change. It seems in the forums or groups lately there are more frowns than smiles. So my mission, with your help is to turn those frowns around.


An Honorable Mention


So there is one person I need to mention here. That person is my wife. Our grandsons baba. She’s not big with the internet stuff but she is my biggest supporter. Her name is Jackie.


Together we are the team that keeps the little guy safe. She has been through a lot in her life as well. However she never gave up. I know in lots of the posts I say me. Well just so you know me usually means me.
Life can be so crazy but the one constant is the three of us. So make sure everyone remembers of course there is a great woman standing with me.


So, Where From Here


I have so much planned. I mean what is a Grandpa if he cant make it happen. I will be posting regularly on my website and on the Facebook groups that I am a member of and also my Face book group.


I will also work at my Federal Government job and do my online work. (Anyone interested in my online work feel free to ask)


I’m going to be writing a post to family lawyers in hopes one day they will read it. Of course I will market it there way as well.


Let’s all remember it’s about the kids. I am not sure I could survive now without my hugs every day.  Not to mention the I love yous.


I am also looking at a lot of stuff behind the scenes and hope to make much of it available to all of you when the time is right.


I want to be there to help you with your kids. Maybe it’s just a word of encouragement or maybe it’s an aha moment that you can use


So for now this is Grandpa Dale signing off. I hope you have gotten to know me a little better. I’m not going anywhere so Let’s hang together.


Grandpa Dale


My Facebook group.which is a closed group  https://www.facebook.com/group…


Also, check out why we are here on the link below.


Why We Are Here

Once again if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you as quick as possible.





Dale Mazurek


  1. Dale, I was just told the other day to do a blog, as my “storie” just could not be made up.
    I enjoyed reading this. Good Luck and keep writing. Looking forward to next writing.

  2. Thank you for your post did enjoy reading all about you. Keep the blogs coming. Thanks from saskatchewan we have 3 grandchildren ages13 10 and 5.

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